Super Mario Bros. Being Played With Eyes Closed

Here's an unbelievable video of a man on a Japanese TV show playing the first level of the classic game with his eyes closed. He even realizes he missed a coin in one of the sub-worlds and goes back to grab it.

There's also another video of a guy playing the first two levels of the game with his eyes closed AND his back turned.

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Inasid4187d ago

Did he really have his eyes closed? It looked like he was just squinting through-out the level. They should have zoomed-in on his eyes, better yet blindfolded and turned around.

Neutral Gamer4187d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Yeah it does look a bit fishy doesn't it? Still, the other people on the show seem pretty impressed, so it probably is legit.

Though, what is it with that ridiculous expression on his face?! Looks like he's having too much fun if you ask me ... haha.

sumfood4u4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

I'm more Impressed about how good this Kid is. Believe It!

id dot entity4186d ago

Japanese people are a bit strange. Anyway, what other people say: blindfold the guy next time.