Why Action Games Suck (And What To Do About It)

In his latest 'Designer's Notebook' column, veteran creator Ernest Adams bemoans the "tendency of game developers to add action elements to games in which they aren't needed or wanted", and suggests multiple design solutions for fixing the

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Satanas4190d ago

Easy isn't fun.

Look at DMC4's trailers. You might as well play in "training" mode.

The BS Police4190d ago

Becuase Halo 2 is not even mentioned in the article.

elliot_4190d ago

...this is an article for flamewar...

if this guy who wrote this don't like action games...just don't play it...there is lot of great action games out there....god of war, resident evil 4, san andreas, DmC series, splinter cell...even the ninja gaiden...yes it's hard...but don't like don't play it...that's easy...

elliot_4190d ago

i don't saw any halo pic:S

Evil Rant Monkey4189d ago

Ninja Gaiden is an unbelievable game. Especially on "Very Hard". Just because you suck at playing video games doesn't mean that there's nothing left for you in life. Go and play some soccer outside or something. You might want to tell your friends that they need to take it down a level cause you're a little slow on things.

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