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Comcast Redirects Bad URLs to Pages With Advertising

Comcast subscribers will now be directed to a page with advertising if they try to reach a Web site that doesn't exist, a practice that doesn't sit well with some users.

Most of the time when users type an incorrect domain name for a Web site, the browser will display a warning saying the site can't be found. Comcast now directs users to a page that shows Yahoo search results, including paid sponsored links, in addition to suggesting the correct spelling of the page the user may have been looking for.

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andron3455d ago

There are always comments here complaining about their download caps and lousy service.

I have always wondered why you put up with it. Are they very cheap or aren't there any options?

Voozi3455d ago

Well we used to use Comcast for many years up until recently. Reason we used them was because they were the only company in the area who offered cable internet. But we just recently switched to Verizon to use their DSL for the time being (kinda sucks having slower download/upload speeds now) but we're sticking it out until FIOS hits the area which hopefully is early 2010 so we can then just switch to that.

-Mezzo-3455d ago

I have never used Comcast,but a lot of people complain about it.