GamePro feature: Predicting Next-Gen Console Sales With Last-Gen Numbers

Why wait five years to find out who wins the next-gen console war? GamePro predict next-gen console sales using a technique called "sales velocity."

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ITR4185d ago

Looks good for the Wii.

drtysouf214185d ago

I own all 3 but my opinion is PS3,360, Wii. Because once better games come out( FFXIII, MGS4.....) and once Home comes out and the price drops I think it'll take off like the PS2 did but i think it'll be a few years(maybe several years) before this will happen.

ITR4185d ago

I would say Wii/360/PS3 by end of 07'.

I think price drops will happen on all 3 consoles in next 12 months or so.

IBLEEDBLU4185d ago

lol im not even going to comment - assuming, predictions are just a waste of breathe...PS3 is looking great - end of the year better games will be out
home will own
and BLURAY will be ruining HDVD & ppl will know sony PS3 is the rite choice therefore will invest in it

WilliamRLBaker4185d ago

Comparing velocity sales of past generations of a product to prove it will sell in its later varations rarely work...

Covenant4185d ago

Wii will ultimately win because they're tapping the family/casual gamer market that Sony owned with the PS2. I think MS' appeal to the hardcore market helps them secure a solid second place.

As for the PS3...I don't know. They've alienated much of their last-gen base, and don't quite have the hardcore market appeal that MS does. Hard to call at this point...they could leapfrog MS into 2nd place, but ultimately, I think the Wii wins.