Universal Breaks Silence on HD DVD Playback Issues

After weeks of persistent complaints from early adopters, Universal has issued a statement regarding playback issues with several of their most recent HD DVD releases.The issues first surfaced in late March when 'Children of Men' was released on HD DVD, and consumers experienced inconsistent playback problems on both the Xbox 360 add-on and other stand-alone HD DVD playback devices. Since then, readers have reported similar playback issues on 'The Good Shepherd' and other more recently released Universal titles....

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whengeeksgobad4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

They should have addressed this issue and been up front about it from the very start. If they hope to keep this format growing they should be much more proactive in making sure this stuff is either working right the first time for fixed asap.

LoydX-mas4190d ago

there are still too many kinks to be worked out with new tech like this.
These are the growing pains that new odopters have to endure.

Phantom_Lee4190d ago

I just hope that there will be a winner soon....

Karebear4189d ago

I have a PS3, BluRay will always play correctly on the PS3 simply because its so easily upgradeable. Even if they decide to change the encryption keys for all players I will never notice because it will be wrapped into a firmware update for the PS3. Reason #1,024,301 that I use my PS3 as my game/media center.

That being said, if something wasn't playing well on the XBOX360 AND it turns out its something that a firmware update could have fixed, they need to stay on top of things. If its truly a bad batch of physical media, then this could obviously happen to anyone.

bamdad4189d ago

HD DVD...hummm never get this thing. just 15GBs & now to have technical issues? if this news is true then they better get their a%$ to work & fix it to match bluray...though they cant match :p they better stop tryin :D