The Greatest Videogame Endings Ever

NowGamer: We chart six of the best (and worst) game endings

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PirateThom4127d ago

Jurassic Park on SNES.

I completed it, I was proud of the accomplishment because it had no save function and had to be completed in one stting, essentially.

Then you get this

The Matrix4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

Fallout 3 had a surprisingly emotional and amazing ending. It's a good moral story about how humans have advanced and become more aware over thousands of years yet our main focus of destroying other people and nations hasn't become any less prevalent or barbaric. Good stuff.

Tony P4127d ago

F3 could have done a LOT better on the presentation of the endings. A bunch of screen caps with a voice-over isn't that impressive at all.

The_Darkest_Red4127d ago

My favorite is undoubtedly MGS3. One of the most epic things I have ever seen in any form of entertainment. MGS4 was right up there with it though.

Carl14124127d ago

The lack of MGS3 in this arrticle is sad.

MGS3 is my favourite ending ever. That ending cutscene with the voiceover by EVA is so tearjerking.


ThanatosDMC4127d ago

I agree, MGS3 and MGS4 should be on there.

When Naked Snake killed Boss and you had to press the button to put a bullet to her skull. Then Ocelot still chases after you unexpectedly.

Solid and Liquid Ocelot fights.

mal_tez924127d ago

Killing The Boss made me kind of sad. And all what happens after that was amazing too.

Drake' Fortune should be on this list just because it has an amazing stiry and a couple of great twists near the end.

umair_s514127d ago

MGS3's ending was the best ending in a game I have experienced. uncharted ending is just plain in comparison.

brandonk1294127d ago

Both 1 and 2 were awesome

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Hellsvacancy4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )

I like that - and very about Fallout 3s endin

I said 2 myself *Hitman Blood Money* b4 i even looked at the list - when i completed Blood Money 4 the 1st time i didnt know Mr 47 could get back up and kill every1 in the room the game just finished and he was dead - i sold it the very next day in utter disgust - then 6 months later sum dude at work told me about it - i was WELL pissed

LittleBigSackBoy4127d ago

"Final Fantasy VII (PS2)"


FunkyBunch4127d ago

Exactly what I was thinking.

Admiral_Benson4127d ago

None of the MGS series???

Come on, you definitely got your money's worth with those!

aaronisbla4127d ago (Edited 4127d ago )


Oldsnake0074127d ago

I was also disappointed by the MGS4 Ending, how can you End the Story of one of Gaming biggest/ best Frachises so horrible ?

MGS3/ MGS1had the best Endings Imo

Admiral_Benson4127d ago

The ending to MGS3 was awesome. Best one out of the series for me.

PotNoodle4127d ago

I really liked the MGS4 ending, i would put it in my "Greatest endings" list.

Maldread4127d ago

Agreed. MGS4`s story and gameplay in general wasn`t as good as MGS1 and MGS3, if you ask me (it was better than MGS2 though).

I suspect a lot of those how claim MGS4 is best game they`ve ever played, havn`t even played MGS3, let alone MGS1. I`m not saying it`s impossible to think MGS4 is the best of the bunch if you have played them all though. I`m not saying MGS4 is a bad game either, it just didn`t meet the standards of MGS1 and MGS3 for me.

aaronisbla4127d ago

i thought the ending for mgs4 was brilliant, but i also loved the endings for mgs 3 and 1. See, you can play the older games and still like mgs4's ending

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