Gamesradar preview VF5 on the Xbox 360, plus video interview

By now, PlayStation 3 gamers have had their hands on the superb Virtua Fighter 5 for over two months - and we can attest, it's a fantastic fighter on that platform. Guess what? The first glimpses we've had of the 360 version, thanks to a trip to developer AM2's headquarters in Tokyo, suggest that the game is going to be just as good - if not better - on the Xbox 360.

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bung tickler5811d ago (Edited 5811d ago )

intresting how ports, in general, from the 360 to the ps3 look worse... and ports (this, VF5, being the only one i know of) from the ps3 to the 360 look better... i wonder why that is?

23478ueyur_9382235811d ago

It's not a smart idea to judge from one game alone. Also, Oblivion looked better on the PS3 because they took the time to make a good port.

I think it may be because the Lair dev is right, that it is easier to port from the PS3 to the 360. If that is indeed true, all it means is future titles are more likely to be made on the PS3 first, of which I have no complaints.

techie5811d ago (Edited 5811d ago )

thanks you for reporting my ratchet article...dont know why i f*cking bother posting all this news for you.

If you don't know why by now, I'll inform you. PS3 you have to program to little chunks...spu's and split memory. This can then be put in a pile and put in the 360. Also nowhere did it say that the game LOOKs better, only that some modes have been improved.

TheMART5811d ago

Deep, actually they DO say that the game on the 360 looks better:

"We do know that the game will be receiving some tweaks over the PS3 version, including better anti-aliasing - to make the graphics look smoother."

Sounds to me that there is improvement on the AA


"All expectations we have - after seeing the performance of the 360 version, which absolutely runs as well and looks at least as good as the PS3 version "

Focus on: "at least", which implies to me including knowing that they saw the performance of the 360 version with their own eyes, that the not final product already was at least even, so a tad above maybe, with the endperformance tweaked to a maximum it will exceed the PS3 version.

And yup I read the whole article there. Don't go shout so soon, others may have too and you can't deny that this is in favour of the 360 version.

About the online part, yep I said and I thought it would have online on the 360.

Because in so many games (Tony Hawk, MLB 2k7, many many more) the 360 has online features and the PS3 has not or the 360 version has extended online features and the PS3 has few.

So if sport games, one on one can't give descent online fights, why am I playing FNR3 and DOA4 with great precision on my 360 online against people then?

It's a let down they didn't include it, although I agree it is difficult with one on one fights, it can and it SHOULD be done. A game without online play is a no-no for me this gen. Plus, the user can decide if the online play restricts the gameplay too much. If it does according to that person he/she can choose not to play online if the possible lag in the game is unplayable.

techie5811d ago

My bad, but I was not shouting about that. I also provided an explanation, short and sweet - which is more than can be said for your sermons.

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kamakazi5811d ago

there you have it, virtua fghter with online play that every fanboy wanted for the 360........oooops its not in the game oh noes. what ever will you do.

ThaGeNeCySt5811d ago

continue to play DOA4 online

Bonsai12145811d ago

haha yeah, wheres the people saying, "360 version will have live support.."

eat your words...

anyways, if i owned a 360, i'd definitely pick this up. i have the ps3 version and its stellar. by far one of the best fighters i've ever played

Firewire5811d ago

Yeah, just waiting for Tekken 6 over here!
Didn't bother with VF5, this time around, something
is just missing from the series. I like the older VF games
better than the last two.

power of Green 5811d ago

Never knew this game was romured to have online multi player. You learn something new every day. Oblivion wasn't finished when released on the 360 it was clearly rushed as they added graphical upgrades months after it was released which most reviewers were saying theres no difference in the visuals with the update.

weekapaugh5811d ago

Ok excuses this is POG and POG this is........oh wait, you've met already. I'm sorry whats that....oh I see your old friends.

kamakazi5811d ago

you only had the mart going on and on, on how the PS3 lost the exclusivity and how the 360 would be getting online support thus making the game a far superior choice over the PS3 version. im surprised you guys dont hang to your kings every word.

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