Blue Dragon creator doesn't like Kutaragi or the PS3

"The machine's architecture is tricky, and I don't like Ken Kutaragi." So says Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Blue Dragon and Final Fantasy. Speaking in an interview with EGM magazine (via 1UP), Sakaguchi was pleased with the software for the Xbox 360, but criticised the company's marketing.....

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Satanas4186d ago

"Final Fantasy creator" in the title would garner more attention.

dantesparda4185d ago

What up, "Satan" in Spanish, i got a friend who likes to go by the name of "El Diablo Blanco" or "EDB" y'all mingle much? As for Blue Dragon, looks to kiddy for me,and graphically i am not impressed, sorry

power of Green 4186d ago

I agree MS's marketing sucks ass its so underground and bland. MS is hurting themselfs.

ReconHope4186d ago

sorry duplicate story i believe to late u guys approved it.^-^

BBsin4186d ago

Ofcourse he doesn't like the PS3 or Kutaragi. If Microsoft was funding my projects and gave me a high salary job as the boss of my own studio.... i'd also hate the PS3

WilliamRLBaker4185d ago

Where did you hear this from? the playstation underground? like the underground french liberty unions fighting againest nazi, and italian OPPRESSION...?

Let alone the fact Sakaguchi, Toriyama, and Umastu came together and created mistwalker....BEFORE 360 was released, and before microsoft invited them to create games for the 360....yeah...

BBsin4185d ago (Edited 4185d ago )

read the first sentence, and tell me who funds mistwalker.
now read this site
and tell me when that article was posted before or AFTER the 360's release???.... ok then.... stfu.
MS FUNDS Mistwalker and without that money, mistwalker wouldn't have the tools to make titles like blue dragon, cry on and LO. Sakaguchi gets fat paychecks FROM MICROSOFT, and thats the bottom line.
You talk as if Sakaguchi really would have started his own developement studios without knowing he had Microsoft's shadow over him. Sakaiguchi founded the company in 2001 but they didn't do ANYTHING until 2004, when microsoft pluged some money into the studio. notice when all their games were announced??? so ofcourse he would'nt have the balls to give sony any credit, do you really think Mistwalker would still be around if peter moore decided to stop paying him?? or would they turn back to just being that company that did nothing back in 2001??

nix4185d ago

i've been nice to you all this time because i know that you are new to this site... didn't want you to grow up as Mart!

but looks like you're shouting even without finding the facts. grow up kid! atleast talk some sense.

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The story is too old to be commented.