G-Phoria '09: Game Most Deserving Of An Uwe Boll Movie

Blair Herter announces the winner of G-Phoria '09 Game Most Deserving of a Uwe Boll Movie. Nominees include 'Golden Axe: Beast Rider', 'Castlevania Judgment', 'Legendary', 'Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayer' and 'X-Blades'.

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Saaking4019d ago

NOTHING deserves a Uwe Boll movie. That guy is simply atrocious at everything he does. I can't believe how he can make a move so stupid, I'm not kidding I got sick after watching House of the Dead. It's like he actually wants to fail. A monkey with a camera and 10 bucks can make a better movie than this guy.

rdgneoz34019d ago

"Until the law was changed in 2005, Boll was able to acquire funding thanks to German tax laws that reward investments in film. The law allowed investors in German-owned films to write off 100% of their investment as a tax deduction; it also allowed them to invest borrowed money and write off any fees associated with the loan. The investor was then only required to pay taxes on the profits made by the movie; if the movie loses money, the investor got a tax writeoff."

And in his own words, "Maybe you know it but it's not so easy to finance movies in total. And the reason I am able to do these kind of movies is I have a tax shelter fund in Germany, and if you invest in a movie in Germany you get basically fifty percent back from the Government."

He basically makes money even if its crap, which all of them have been.

Admiral_Benson4019d ago

You took the words right out of my mouth.

bOOmStiCK4019d ago

I've already seen an Onechanbara movie. Made in Japan and campy as hell but I enjoyed it thou :)

Arkem4018d ago

That way I wouldn't mind if he completely ruined it = D