IGN: Top 25 PC Games of All Time

IGN writes: "As with our previous list, it's a subjective list and we're sure that there will be many of you out there agree and disagree with some of our choices. Let us know what you think we got right and what we got wrong by leaving your comments below the article".

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mrv3213360d ago

No Ur-Quan masters or star control 2... which is their 17th best game of all time.

-Mezzo-3360d ago

And i haven't even heard of it until yet, i must look into this title.

mrv3213359d ago

It's also free... I've downloaded it and played it and the closest game to it would be fallout 3 without vats

The conbat sucks but the whole universe, music, characters, enemies, option, stories, graphics, immersion, plot developments, compasion all ROCK.

solar3360d ago

CS shouldve been on that list.

N4GAddict3360d ago

CS was a good part of my childhood.

DERKADER3360d ago

CS would kind of fall under Half-Life.

AnttiApina3360d ago

CS is actually mod but who cares, awesome list!

Poopface the 2nd3360d ago

My 2 favorites are Half-life and Deus EX. But im a huge FPS fan. What about Dark forces II: Jedi knight. It was great and probably the first game to have a good/bad system which affected the game.

evrfighter3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

cs is a mod but even full retail games lived in its shadow. Some still do actually even in this gen. Obviously by amount of people still playing and not by graphics.

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ExPresident3360d ago

Good article. I was very pleased to see XCOM UFO Defense as #1. That game is insanely good. You can get it for like $5 via Steam. Finding on EBay for less than like $65 is nearly impossible on the original Playstation Disc.

I personally think Starcraft should be alittle higher up, although #16 is decent. It did kick professional gaming into a whole new level with what it did in South Korea which was simply astonishing.

Where was Quake and Duken Nukem 3D? Half Life should be on there but was Crysis so genre defining that it needed a spot there? I think Quake would have been a better fit as it actually helped revolutionize the genre.

gamejediben3360d ago

Yeah Crysis has no place on a best 25 PC games list. The only thing it did was bring in better graphics which isn't that impressive.

evrfighter3360d ago

Nope Crysis should never be near a top pc game of all time list. That's just stupid.

It effectively scared away a lot of devs from bringing us awesome graphics and instead stick to the "develop mediocre crap on consoles" safer road.

That and it's online sucked goat balls.

Pandamobile3360d ago

What are you talking about... Crysis was fantastic. Most fun single player experience I've ever had. It's the only game I've beaten more than 15 times :P

MasterBlaster3360d ago

Hurray for Tie Fighter. I loved that game and X-Wing.

Good memories.

harrisk9543360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

How about Ultima? I spent hours with my brother playing on our Apple II GS computer!

pippoppow3360d ago

Played Ultima 7. Great game. Remember the 1st time playing and as your avatar is moving around the village you hear a laugh that startled me. Remember also cheating and using a magic carpet with a crate full of regents to explore. Good times. The expansion was good also. A new Ultima would be something special. Wounds EA inflicted run deep.

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