HD DVD experiences playback problems on Xbox 360

A new HD DVD designed to help calibrate HDTVs has hit a problem with the Xbox 360, apparently because the disc manufacturer failed to test it extensively on non-Toshiba players. It will be the first disc to use an Xbox 360 firmware update to fix an HD DVD playback problem

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bung tickler4190d ago

i thought the 360 addon was built by toshiba...

Inasid4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

no comment

IBLEEDBLU4190d ago

even thier add-on crashes - like what a piece of [email protected] system honestly lol makes me laugh...

and good luck getting a black HD DVD add on to match ur elite lol because that aint happening - can u say zebra ewww black and white - even the wifi is in white hahahaha

man...ok...ill stop i 4got u ppl are still humans dumb ones i may add..but u ppl have im sorry for laughing at u

razer4190d ago

Can't you go throw yourself under a bus or something.. You are the #1 pityful fanboy on this site and there is a reason you only have 1 bubble.

What a misleading title.. One calibration disc has a problem and now suddenly HD-DVD's don't play on the add-on. Somebody needs to come up with a better title for this.

drtysouf214190d ago

I'm planning on getting that hope that firmware update comes quick. Wonder if Blu-ray has to go check...............

Bathyj4190d ago

Is it to like set your contrast and colour and stuff like that? I didn't know there was a disc for that, I just go off what looks good to me. Usually I concentrate on flesh tones. If they look good everything else looks good too.

Anyone had any other movies crash on their HD addon's? I heard Children of Men had problems as well.

Smellslikepie4190d ago

I've had King Kong Crash when it was on the title menu screen. But that was because the console had frozen, not because of the HDDVD drive.

WilliamRLBaker4190d ago

They are talking about is a professional disc that lets you calibrate all sorts of things, Geometry,Contrast,Ratios,Color ,Brightness,Artifacting...ect They most of the time even let you get into the secret factory controls for tv sets, the ones that let you change every thing, and the ones that if you mess them up will ill your tv.

sweeper4190d ago (Edited 4190d ago )

Took the add on apart sanded it painted it in a spray booth at my friends shop with special auto PPG plastic paint(not a spray can) that won't scratch or flake off and it looks like it came in the same box with the ELITE ((no zebra))would have done the same thing with my other Xbox but I wanted the HDMI so I sold it for $280 core with used HDD ((got the 20 HDD for $15 used and the core for $150 used 1 year ago))

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