G-Phoria '09: Best Shooter

Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb present the G-Phoria '09 award for Best Shooter. Nominees include; Call of Duty: World at War, Killzone 2, Gears of War 2, Left 4 Dead, and Resistance 2.

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Blaster_Master4456d ago

As an owner of all current gen consoles, I will say that Im really disappointed with all the shooters that have come out after COD4. The only good thing out of all the shooters mentioned above are the graphics. It seems to me thats all anyone cares about anymore. But to me, COD4 is still the king. But if I had to pick one out of the list, it would probably be between killzone 2 and COD WAW. Killzone has better graphics, but COD WAW has better controls and gameplay. I dont know, its all based on opinion so whatevs.

ExgamerLegends24456d ago

i just like the atmosphere. Cod4 is cool Waw is fine Killzone 2 is a beast Halo was good..... Gears was....... meh. Resistance is King.

Blaster_Master4456d ago

Like I said, its all about what you like, not someone else. Personally I hated resistance. It was the jack of all trades but master of none type of game. The water physics was hillarious. It was more like space water. It was cool though. I dont care too much about having to put more then 10 bullets just to kill someone though. Im the hardcore search and destroy kinda guy, so that explains alot of it I guess.

ShinMaster4456d ago

GeoW2 is a Third-person shooter!

It can't take light away from the other First-person shooters.

They're in different genres!

danthaman154456d ago

The award is best SHOOTER. First person and Third are indeed different, but they're looking at shooters in general.

SB_tanker4456d ago

This is how it should have gone:
- KZ2 & WaW tied for first (i would personaly pick WaW though cause i like the gameplay better)
- Resistance 2 (60 player matches FTW :D)
- L4D
- Gears of W- actually never mind it shouldn't even be on this list

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