Top 11 reasons why PS3 gamers won't have money for college

With many of us heading to college, our student loans are going to be spent a whole lot less on books and a whole lot more on video games. With that, gives a list of the top 11 upcoming Playstation 3 games which have left them dazed and drooling.

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-Mezzo-4976d ago

This list is great, but Uncharted 2 must have been on the 2nd spot, but it' not even on the list. weird.

A_Little_Girl4976d ago

uncharted 2 is the most wanted game in 2009, mention uncharted 2 will only still the thunder of other games

randomwiz4976d ago (Edited 4976d ago )

12. Uncharted 2

shingo4975d ago (Edited 4975d ago )

lol, do these sites ommit even more awesome games on purpose?

seriously where's uncharted 2? the last guardian? agent?

also, isn't quantum canned?

btw, i luv my ps3 soooo much ^_^

Elvfam5114975d ago

If you talking about Quantum Theory no it's not canned

InfectedDK4975d ago

Actually a great list, Uncharted should have been there yes.. Also you could add even many more great games.. But great list..

iamtehpwn4975d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII
not XIII Versus.

The Matrix4975d ago

Too bad my freaking ps3 broke. Anyone know how much to fix the blu-ray laser?

chrisnick4975d ago

uncharted 2 should definitely be in there.

GameForFame4975d ago

And is this some Forum post?




disappoint me

SevWolf4975d ago

Yeh this IS a forum post..pfft, most of the games there are great but I mean...Guitar Hero 5, MW 2, and MAfia II(even though i am anticipating the latter) could be replaced with Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 2, and Modnation Racer....Im keeping AC2 cause that's shaping up to be one hell of a game

na2ru14975d ago

11 reasons why PS3 gamers will fail their degree. That's how good it a baad sort of way

Eddie201014975d ago (Edited 4975d ago )

12. Uncharted 2... Should be number one
13. Ratchet And Clank A Crack In Time
14. Demon Souls
15. Batman Arkham Asylum
16. Final Fantasy XIII
17. Final Fantasy XIV
18. White Knight Chronicles
19. Last Guardian
20. The Agency
21. Grand Turismo 5
22. Rock Band: Beatles
23. Brutal Legend
24. Teken 6
25. Borderlands

AuToFiRE4975d ago

you can get themf or $50 so its not a big hole in the wallet, also what i did was ad a quick fuse so if there is a power surge it wont fry the laser again

TheRealSpy4975d ago

if this was an 360 forum post, it would already be reported as lame and be gone. but since it's another ps3 suck off article, it gets to stay.

Cenobia4975d ago (Edited 4975d ago ) are a terrible spy.

You're supposed to hide your intense hatred of the PS3 and then throw it in somewhere like a subliminal message. That way you'll stealthily subvert the PS3 fans.

For example, I'm totally talking about rainbows and unicorns right now,
but Unchartedguyisgaybecausehis shirtishalftucked unicorns are pretty ponies with horns.

That one was free.

theEnemy4975d ago

No Uncharted 2 ?

Are they for real ?

Syronicus4975d ago

The list nearly fails. Sorry, but to exclude two of the most anticipated games this season is a big mistake.

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The Wood4976d ago (Edited 4976d ago )

First/Second Party Studios. Blame them for being broke

Natsu X FairyTail4976d ago (Edited 4976d ago )

I could afford each one of these while going to school

step your cake game up!

Luzce4975d ago

I also have a Master's degree and a decent job.

The title of this article gives gamers bad rep. Maybe I'm just too old and don't realize teenagers just don't have their priorities straight; I was there once...

PS3 games coming out = awesome.
Article title = Fail IMHO.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4976d ago

PS3 gamers go to college? I thought they lived in their moms basement.

-Mezzo-4975d ago

Your mistaken those are Xbots playing on XBL thinking they are still 10 years old while they are above

ELite_Ghost4975d ago

most of my 360 friends didn't pass high school and live in their mom's basement, I think ur wrong.

solar4975d ago

this is true. im a ps3 gamer and i didnt go to college. good call jason.

talltony4975d ago

Why the he'll wasn't uncharted2 and ratchet and clank on that list?

The_Beast4975d ago (Edited 4975d ago )

at least ps3 owner have the mental capacity to handle collage

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Saaking4976d ago

Top 1 reason bots won't go to college: They're retards

saimcheeda4975d ago

because they love their moms basement too much!

Saaking4975d ago

haha, that to. poor bots.

goflyakite4975d ago (Edited 4975d ago )


You do know what a period(.) is, right?

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