Snake! Snake? Snaaaaaake!?!? MGS Short Film Casting Call

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"We've come across a casting call for the Metal Gear Solid Short Film, which features a short description, as well as what characters are going to be featured in the movie. The short film is intended for Major Film Festival distribution. Check out the full casting call after the jump…"

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Rockox5365d ago

I was going to make a MGS4 joke here, but there was nothing "short" about that film...

Sev5365d ago

That was pretty good :)

Sloth Love Chunk's joke.

Rocky Road?!?!

decimalator5365d ago

LOL! Yeah, that was a good one. I wonder if this one will be as long as any of the MGS4 cut scenes...

It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

Sev5365d ago

It's really true. How can a game fill of long cutscenes, be made into a "short film" if it's anything as long as the cutscenes. This will be the longest "short film" ever!

DJ5365d ago

So i'm definitely keeping an eye on this one.

matt2005usaf5365d ago

SHORT?!?!? C'mon make an actual movie!

Sev5365d ago

I am pretty sure an actual movie is eventually coming. I know they (Kojima Productions) signed a deal.

doctorstrange5365d ago

who did they sign the deal with?

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Agent7526d ago

I’d have taken a few of those out. Prefer Sonic over Sonic 2. Outrun should be in there. Maybe even Pong as millions of people had fun with that even if it was repetitive. Final Fight pipped any Streets of Rage game, although Streets of Rage had the better soundtrack. Too many to list l guess. To me, retro gaming is the 1980s, maybe going into early 1990s.

Popsicle26d ago

Agree that the generational gap is too broad to really make a strong list. Need to tighten the years a bit. Hard to compare Pac Man with N64 games.


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OtterX37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Even if they could just remaster and put on PSVR2, some would still look great as VR titles and could do a whole lot to bolster the headset w these exclusives! I'd imagine the investment of reworking these titles into VR would be way less than building new games from the ground up, and they could be amazing experiences, and VR often makes flat games feel fresh again. The Resistance and Killzone games are particularly what I want to see!!

Rude-ro37d ago

I played killzone 3 in 3d and it really changed the game per being immersive.
In vr, that would be even more awesome.

darthv7237d ago

Funny you mention that... my son wanted to play some PS3 games in 3d on my PS tv and he was blown away by how good KZ3 was. It really was a great addition to the game. Im surprised there have not been more 3d games from that era being ported to the PSVR/VR2.

_SilverHawk_37d ago

resistance 1-3, killzone 1-3, uncharted 1-3, uncharted golden abyss, folklore, socom 4 , motorstorm, twisted metal, MAG, heavenly sword

Cacabunga36d ago

Killzone 2+3
Sly Thieves in Time
Crack in Time
God of War Ascension
Modnation racer
Infamous 1+2

Profchaos36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Killzone trilogy in VR would be amazing bonus points if they offer shadow fall.

There was a psvr1 Killzone project that supermassive was working on at one stage which wasn't up to scratch and Sony brand it back in house I was hoping we would see that on psvr2 eventually.

Personally I'd love to see some more love or acknowledgement of psvr2 from Sony in general it was a expensive headset and Sony barely acknowledge it's existence

seanpitt2336d ago

The amount of work needed to remaster these games wouldn't be beneficial on a financial and business sense.. MGS4 would probably be the best bet as it would need the least amount of work!