Snake! Snake? Snaaaaaake!?!? MGS Short Film Casting Call

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"We've come across a casting call for the Metal Gear Solid Short Film, which features a short description, as well as what characters are going to be featured in the movie. The short film is intended for Major Film Festival distribution. Check out the full casting call after the jump…"

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Rockox4870d ago

I was going to make a MGS4 joke here, but there was nothing "short" about that film...

Sev4870d ago

That was pretty good :)

Sloth Love Chunk's joke.

Rocky Road?!?!

decimalator4870d ago

LOL! Yeah, that was a good one. I wonder if this one will be as long as any of the MGS4 cut scenes...

It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

Sev4870d ago

It's really true. How can a game fill of long cutscenes, be made into a "short film" if it's anything as long as the cutscenes. This will be the longest "short film" ever!

DJ4870d ago

So i'm definitely keeping an eye on this one.

gintoki7774870d ago

this is gonna be crappy.

matt2005usaf4870d ago

SHORT?!?!? C'mon make an actual movie!

Sev4870d ago

I am pretty sure an actual movie is eventually coming. I know they (Kojima Productions) signed a deal.

doctorstrange4870d ago

who did they sign the deal with?

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