Bullet Witch Screenshots

Last year, AQ Interactive introduced itself to the industry as a publisher and for its entrance it announced three new titles, all of which will be published for the Xbox 360. One of those game is Bullet Witch.

Bullet Witch is an action adventure that as the title suggests mixes two genres, third-person shooting and adventure.

Set in the year 2013, Bullet Witch tells the story of a fight for survival between humans and demons. The game mixes realistic settings with fantasy elements. You play as a witch named Alicia. The game is scheduled for release this year in Japan and it is currently at 80% in development.

AQ has released new screenshots of the game:

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omansteveo6179d ago

I wonder if it'll play like Hunter the Rekoning i mean it wasnt the best game but fun with friends

P.S. Sega make a new Dynamite Cop Seriously pointless Story but fun stuff..ha ha ha

TheMART6179d ago

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And how could Achira vote 2 times on one account? Those Freaking Fony Fanboys cheat like hell, like Fony lies all the time haha