Starcraft 2 Delay Hasn't Hurt Activision

Activision Blizzard's second quarter results have put paid to pontifications by analysts such as Jess Lubert over at Brean Murray. Earlier this year Murray stated, "Even without Starcraft I think Activision should be able to get to their current guidance for the year. But without Starcraft getting an upside to that number might be challenging."

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mrv3214503d ago

Not compared to

Problems with COD 4 online
Problem with COD 5 online
Expensive COD 5 map packs
Rising price of games first as a 'test'
Going on about PS3 costing too much while rising prices and charging too much
Ditching Brutal Legend.
Wanting to rise prices EVEN more
Abusing their power
Suing Double fine because Activision ditched double fine
ANNOUNCING they where suing Double Fine when everyone was busy with E3 in order to keep their good appearance
Barely improving games
Re-releasing franchises year on year
Treating the consumer poorly
Adding stupid plastic add-ons to games
Re-releasing GH yet still calling it a platform
Ermm that's all I can think of right now...

Panthers4503d ago

I know what hypocrites. They want Sony to lower their price, while they say they should charge more for games.

Panthers4503d ago

Nope, just its fans. I want this game so bad.

-Mezzo-4503d ago

I hope it had hurt. Activision needs to learn a lesson.

Saaking4503d ago

I wish Blizzard hadn't merged with Actvision.

ChampIDC4503d ago

It's not so bad. Activision has been very hands off with Blizzard, unlike the other great devs they own.

Hercules4503d ago

first off they have GH5 coming out..then one of the most anticipated games of all time: MW2..then they have a new ip: Blur..and in the Q1 of next year will launch alongisde with SC2...its simple math people

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