UBS: 'Weak' PS3 Could Impact Game Sector

In a 92-page report initiating its coverage of the video game industry, UBS Investment Research outlined its views on the sector and provided forecasts for the big three console makers.

Analyst Benjamin A. Schachter said that ultimately, it's all about the games. It obviously sounds simple, "but history is rife with examples showing just how difficult this seemingly simple goal can be to achieve," he said. Now that the three new consoles have been on the market for a while, what it comes down to is providing great content to drive the respective platforms. This is especially key to Sony's PlayStation 3, which has had a bumpy ride in its early life.

Schachter is concerned that if things don't shape up for the PS3 in the near future, that it could hurt the top publishers and retailers in the sector. "The weak launch of the PS3 may be rectified by price cuts and new drive titles, but there is no guarantee. If PS3 continues to disappoint, it could impact the entire group," he said. "We think Sony needs not only to make a price cut, but also buy or develop 'must have' exclusive content in order to drive hardware sales."

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power of Green 4283d ago (Edited 4283d ago )



Below: you got all that out of "durrr"?. I know its a touchy subject but theres no reason to make something out of nothing. The guys saying PS3 will not just magicly catch up to its competition. No company's going to step aside for PS3 to pass them up in 2007 or 2008. Its going to take more than a couple of games later on this year.

fenderputty4283d ago (Edited 4283d ago )

Sheesh ... you all act like the PS3 isn't getting good games. I know most aren't here yet but, they are coming.

Edit: I wasn't trying to flame, I was just pointing out that good exclusive content is on the way. Why is that bad?

consolewar4283d ago (Edited 4283d ago )

you said" you all act like the PS3 isn't getting good games. I know most aren't here yet but, they are coming"

He complains about something that is obvious, no games = poor sales.
You complain about people complaining for lack of games wich is obvious what people not satisfied will normally do(complain). DUH

Amplifier4283d ago

Can we get it anymore clearly, the glass on the window is starting to rub off! Of course it does and they are well on the way. Seesh!


brianodom4283d ago

Has anyone noticed the xbox is sorta dry too?

i think the games will be coming for both systems a little after e3...

analysts need to be worried about things that matter like a war ..our market...gas get the picture

UrbanJabroni4283d ago

E3 is NOTHING like it was before. Many 3rd party publishers are just not showing up (literally, not showing up).

I think that the next "push" will be at Sony's and Microsoft's respective shows...assuming developers can reach the deadlines...

techie4283d ago

I agree. Price cut and must have exclusives. Done and Done. :)

Bigmac5734283d ago

Not the PS3. Change the title

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