Mass Effect Book Hits Mass Market

Kotaku reports that Del Rey has just hit the bookstores with a Mass Effect prequel novel entitled Mass Effect: Revelation.

This isn't just some throwaway book written by a hack who squeezed it in between Xena novelizations either. The book is written by Bioware's head writer for the Mass Effect game himself, Drew Karpyshyn, who has also written two Old Republic Star Wars novels, the Baldur's Gate II novel and Temple Hill from the Forgotten Realm's Cities series

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consolewar4186d ago

the time out of my life, well maybe not.

FirstknighT4186d ago

Hmmmmm, should I read it now or after I beat the game???

Satanas4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

It is a prequel, so it doesn't matter.

I read Halo: The Fall of Reach after beating the game, it simply gave history to the characters. No game spoilers at all. Also, since it has come out before the game, it was likely intended to be read first so you could get a "sneak-peak" into the storyline.

This game looks promising.