Pistol Confusion

Halo fan site writes:

"Okay, just to clear up a small misunderstanding that might come back to bite Bungie (unfairly) in the future... yesterday, we mentioned that had been updated with new content about the game, its characters, weapons, story, and so on. One thing that was immediately noticed by many was the description of the pistol (screenshotted, because it will likely change soon) - it was labeled as the M6D (the designation of the Halo 1 pistol) and described as having a 2x scope. is run by Microsoft, not Bungie - and while most of the content is accurate, some is... not so much. Frankie visited online forums yesterday to clarify some of this stuff, but I figure a front-page post might reach a few more people, and maybe keep down expectations and false hopes. The pistol is actually the M6G, not the original M6D, and it has no scope."

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Trickedbullet4241d ago

The M6D was WAY too powerful. A pistol should not be more powerful than the main assault weapons in any game.

THAMMER14241d ago

The pistol in gears is a 50. cal weapon it should take you down or blow your freaking head clean off.

Droidbro4240d ago

yeah its .50 cal not 50. cal
that doesnt even make sense

iNcRiMiNaTi4241d ago

hunters were so easy to kill...just dodge, zoom in on the orange part, then BOOM!...1 hit kill

Keyser4241d ago

The pistol was my weapon of choice on Halo 1. It did require skill but it would put you down quick! I would have like to have seen it in H3 even if it had 10 rounds of ammo and no extra ammo on the board.

PS360WII4241d ago

that just means you got killed by it to many times that you want to remember :( That peace of weaponry was by far the greatest thing of that game ^^ I will miss it so (a single tear rolls down my cheek)

calderra4240d ago

Because it takes real skill to use only the "greatest weapon in the game" continuously in every game.

Skill isn't, for example, NOT using that gun because you think it's cheap, and then killing pistol-users with the other guns. Nooo... that's not skill at all.


PS360WII4240d ago

Now Cal I realize that using the same gun for every game is cheap (sniper) H1 pistol can have the early grave but I'll still miss it ^.-

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The story is too old to be commented.