What to expect from Sony at GamesCom

There's been a lot of buzz over the past few weeks about all things PlayStation. The fact that Sony will hold a mammoth three-hour press conference at GamesCom on August 18 has only further added to the rumours that have been doing the rounds. Here's a list of what we can expect from Sony at its GamesCom press conference

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RobertKotick3364d ago

i expect a price cut, or i will stop supporting them.
maybe not.

Hellsvacancy3364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

But i would like an official release dates 4 Gt5, White Knight Chronicles and Heavy Rain (Uk)

Oh and show a little Final Fantasy Versus (or even just mention it so i know its still alive)

sinncross3364d ago

The next time you see Versus 13 my friend is at TGS.

Regardless of whether everyone from around the world can get the news from gamescom, gamescom is still a European release where companies will attempt to cater to that demographic.

GT is big in Europe so that will obviously be on the agenda. The likes of Singstar (from SCEE) is as well, so any new titles, like the rumoured U2, Madonna and Michael Jackson flavours, will gets showings.

I also think the Agent showing is not a bad idea and could actually happen alongside an official trailer for GTA: Chinatown Wars and some gameplay for LA Noire (which is mot likely no longer a PS3 exclusive)

They'll show off the motion controller again (as they will do at TGS) so that every region has some idea of what Sony has in store. However it won't be the exact same showing, but rather a more updated one, or at least a less clinical and more fun approach.

The slim will most likely be announced at E3, but just before they show off the new gameplay features of GT5. This will be followed by them saying that GT5 will be packed in with the slim, or released alongside it with Fifa 2010 being bundled with the slim instead. (Sony will make more profit of GT5 this way).

The video store will be shown for Europe, the PSP GO will be shown as well alongside the like of games which will launch alongside it. I think some new titles will be shown for both consoles with their being a gameplay showing of the new Ratchet and Clank (considering how hidden it was at E3)

It's a 3 hr conference... I really hope Sony keeps the sales figures and talk to a minimum and concentrate on showing what the PSP and PS3 are all about: great hardware and great software.

darthv723364d ago (Edited 3364d ago )

Sony will say lots of numbers because it is good for the investors to hear.

They will say some games because it is good for the gamers to hear.

If they DONT say anything about price or revision they will get the %$^& for it from both.

MS will most likely try to have some thunder stealing announcements but, more on that the day after.

topgeareasy3364d ago

dumb bots bending over for bill gates

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Saaking3364d ago

Excellent services and exclusives games along with a possible slim/ price cut announcement.

-Mezzo-3364d ago

Agreed i can't wait for GamesCom.

Rumor3364d ago

man, M$ better come with something magical out the ass in order to beat sony to the xmas rush now, maybe even the console war.

A "360 God Bundle" perhaps???

JonnyBigBoss3364d ago

They need to enhance XBL more (to make it worth $50/year), announce some more titles because they are lacking TERRIBLY this year, and they need to announce a new reliable console. I just don't think any of the 3 are going to happen, except for maybe XBL updates.

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