What you don't want your friends to know

You are a gamer, and you keep it in hiding. You don't want people to know how nerdy you are. How far do you take your gaming? What won't you tell your friends that you like to do?

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nice_cuppa4280d ago

i got a mean rumble roses outfit !

BIadestarX4280d ago

I noticed that people usually ask, "do you still play video games?" when they want you to do something for them.

The other day a friend (girl) ask me if I can drive her somewhere.
She came to my house and saw me playing games, and prior to asking to take her she asked, "Aren you too big to play games?". I was like fu(in my mind). When she asked me to take her to where she wanted to go. I got pissed and reply, "Aren't you too big get a job and to find your own transportation methods?" she got a updset and I felt we were even.
(By the way, I stayed home playing games!)

XxZxX4280d ago

i counterstrike better naked.