Sony Cell Phone Site Lists Persona 5 Producer

Many people have been waiting for Persona 5 to be announced, and the rumors have not stopped. More fuel has just been added to the rumor fire. A Sony website has recently listed Meguro as a producer of the unannounced Persona 5.

Dragun6195171d ago

YES! Persona 5 for PS3! Come on Atlus! Make it Happen!


The Persona 5 Series Has Sold Over 9 Million Units Worldwide

The Persona 5 sub-series has surpassed 9 million copies worldwide and now contributes to over 50% of the series' total sales.

shinoff2183102d ago

Would be plus+1 more if they'd settle the fk down and stop re releasing it. I'm waiting on the definitive one over here

BrainSyphoned102d ago

It's ok, I bought 4 to your zero, they don't need your pity purchase. Every version was definitive and has their own perks.


Persona 5's Place as the Franchise Standard Could Say a Lot About Persona 6

With the aesthetics of Persona 5 bleeding into Persona 3 Reload's visual presentation, Persona 6's handling may follow in the same formula.

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goldwyncq104d ago

I hope not. Persona 6 should be its own thing, especially since it'll release almost a decade after 5 did.


New Mysterious Domain Related To Persona 5 Possibly Unearthed

The Persona series continues to be at the forefront of rumors as a new domain hinting at a Persona 5 spin-off project pops up.

Christopher131d ago

Their other domains use AWS DNS servers, so wouldn't dive in too deep. Might be a placeholder, but doesn't line up with their other domains as far as I can tell.

D0nkeyBoi129d ago

I hope we don't have to wait for p6 as long as we did for 5. Just use the same engine and up the res to 4k.