Konami Sales Down without MGS

Konami has just released their quarterly earnings for the period of April 1 to June 30, 2009. And due to the fact no major Metal Gear Solid game was released, sales were way down. In comparison to this time last year, the gaming division's operating revenue is down from ¥13.2 billion to a mere ¥1.5 billion.

Cyrax_875171d ago

..besides milking titles FTL. Look at Mario and even Halo recently (H3, HW, H:ODST, H:Reach ect).

Omegasyde5171d ago

I agree, but they have to some kind of Annual "bread and Butter"

Pro Evolultion Soccer 20## and a few DS games won't exactly cut it either. They should put out annual installments of Silent Hill and Suikoden.

Foxgod5171d ago (Edited 5171d ago )

What are you talking about, they release a metal gear almost every year.
Not only that, Metal gear is featured on almost every major platform in existence.

If you call Halo milked, then Metal gear is whored.

Dark-vash5171d ago (Edited 5171d ago )

Their games are no where to be found...
(EDIT: Except for PES 200X...)
i've been looking for Suikoden DS for months... its sold out everywhere...

whoelse5171d ago

They could always add trophies to MGS4! Now there's a thought ;)

Anon19745171d ago

That's like saying "Bungie profits dip because no new Halo"

Metal Gear is Konami's Flagship. Of course profits fall between games.

DevastationEve5171d ago

I agreed with you, but Halo is not milked.

Two games so far, with another two confirmed this gen so far. There's merchandise besides the games as well but everyone does that. There's nothing wrong with expanding the world of lore that you've built, it's essentially what the fans want.

Milked would be a certain football franchise that gets updates to a few rosters, playbooks and whatnot and then makes you pay $60 for the game while the one you had last year go does down in value faster than 9.8ms/s.

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sirbigam5171d ago (Edited 5171d ago )

I think they just need trophies, it will sell alot for a little bit.

leeger5171d ago

this is where MS comes into the picture, right?

kewlkat0075171d ago (Edited 5171d ago )

compared to CAPCOM? There in decline IMO. The MGS series is dieing off, maybe the new Castlevania could help but they are no longer beast.

Foxgod5171d ago

Mostly DS games like castlevania.
But they are making a Castlevania for the HD consoles right now (directed by Kojima).
That should revive the Castlevania series on consoles.

And hopefully, they will announce a new Suikoden soon...

kewlkat0075171d ago (Edited 5171d ago )

From Arcade games to consoles.....

solidt125171d ago

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will probably be a good seller for them and the Raiden MGS game too.

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