Microsoft Now Using LBP Music

Many people have associated LittleBigPlanet with the song Get it Together by the Go! Team. However, it seems Microsoft has decided to begin using this song in a recent advertisement for their Xbox 360.

DasBunker5171d ago

so M$ not only steals sonys games but also their music! SOB!


Shadow Man5171d ago (Edited 5171d ago )

And Sony stole achivements and Forza 2 pics for their Grand Turismo 5 Website.

Cyrax_875171d ago

Gee, announcing multiplat titles is a very magical thing these days isn't it?

Omegasyde5171d ago

And Microsoft Stole Mii's concept and turned into Avatars.

The list can go on forever, really. Props on the Natal however, about time Microsoft brought something new to the table.

I just wish Microsoft would follow the Sony route and starting producing original games besides Viva Pinata and some XBL games.

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Ilikegames765171d ago

stole your brain Shadow Man. They also stole the technology behind the PS3 architecture. They stole the GUI from Apple OS.

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Mo0eY5171d ago

Fvck, I knew someone would say it so I had my list (which is already saved so I can just copy and paste this out to own xbots) ready:

Windows NT - stolen from IBM
Zune - stolen from iPod
Zune HD - stolen from iPod Touch
Apple commercial rip off - "I'm a PC"
Windows Mobile - trying to play catch up to Android / iPhone OS.
Windows Vista - Leopard Mac OS X
Windows 7 - Leopard Mac OS X
Xbox - designed after Dreamcast
Halo - from Apple
RARE - from Nintendo (and turned to crap, lulzies)
"Exclusives" - stolen from Sony (because they can't come up with anything original) (MGS was not exclusive retardos)

And now LBP music, lulz. M$ wants LBP on their console so bad they have to pop in the music, close their eyes, and drool of Sackboy running on a giant Halo level with Sackboy dressed as Marcus Felix.

Innovate and jump in.

zag5171d ago

Natal is just PSeye or PS2/3 camera.

WinMobile been out for at least 15 years now, so Ipod and Andriod are really rip offs of Win mobile.

Window is a Ripp of of Amiga OS, which blows away Windows and Mac OS easy, Linux is about as close as it gets to Amiga OS though you can go and buy it for PC now.

el zorro5171d ago

When your aim is to hate on something it is easy to find stuff that came before that supposedly was copied. I could do the same thing with Sony or any other company. Unless you think Sony invented TVs, game consoles or cell phones...

AngryTypingGuy5171d ago

I love it when MS steals franchises from Sony. Oh wait, they can't steal franchises from Sony, because all of the former PS exclusives belong to third parties. But nevertheless, it puts a smile on my face.

iagainsti1205170d ago (Edited 5170d ago )

@Mooey - get your facts strait and someone might believe you btw The sega dreamcast was a joint venture between MICROSOFT and SEGA.
You say that Vista and Windows 7 are ripoffs of OSX, dude i cant see any resemblance at all i have all 3 operating systems and i prefer Windows 7 64bit

oh and Little Big Planet sucked i played it 1/2 way through and had enough of it

Etseix5170d ago

mmm something smells silly in here
the comemrcial says
*connect ur xbox 360 to nternet, and go on live*
ermm.... where is the
*pay 50 bucks for a membership and then u can go on live*

i didnt heard that sentence =/

so.. MS makes the ppl think its free, then they buy it and when looking its NOT FREE they say *dam, o well i already wasted 200+$ dlls so.. i can spend 50 more :D*

well indeed thats, a great way to sell bad consoles lol

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Sk8boyP5171d ago

LittleBigPlanet music? I think the title is a Little misleading. The song comes from "Thunder, Lightening, Strike" which released in '05. Not LBP music, but the Go Team music.

ActionBastard5171d ago

That same music/song has been in LBP trailers since before its launch. Sure, it's Go Team music, but it's LBP music too. Hell, it's in the game. And the only reason the song is recognizable.

erathaol5171d ago

As the saying goes, "Imitation is the sincerest of flattery."

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Greywulf5171d ago (Edited 5171d ago )

I mean it has a huge create-share fanbase right? I mean everyone pretended to love banjo..

Till they went to the store and no one bought any copies.

At all.

MS is doing what MS does best. Look at others to define themselves, its sad... its very very sad.

"buh buh achievments" yeah.. and thats literally it. 1 thing. Vs the entire laundry list of "lol @ hdmi" "lol @ movies" "lol @ HOME" "lol @ direct game downloads" "lol @ web browser im too busy playing GAMES" "lol @ motion controls"

rinse & repeat. Im just glad Sony keeps pushing out new innovative ideas, i'd feel sorry for gamers that want that M$ & EA only world. Thank god second place has never won a gen, else we would all be looking forward to Unreal Engine DLC1.5 in 2020. Say whatever you want, but Sony isn't in a hurry to "complete their lineup" with Microsoft mega franchises. Hell most of you should thank Sony for having MGS & bootleg other spinoffs to look forward to. Rising would have never been made if M$ didn't want to steal the success of MGS4-bluray specific title from the PS3. No Forza without GT.

Silver lining :)

IdleLeeSiuLung5171d ago

For one, that is a great tune, but I also think MS if intentional which I think it is, is a great idea. It is a sense of familiarity in the song, not to mention fitting for the advertisement.

Most people that heard the song, might not connect it to the game just like how the iconic "Mad World" Gears of War trailer came. The song existed way before that and was included in the Donnie Darko movie (great movie by the way)!

CWMR5171d ago

-Hey Greybush, those games that Microsoft supposedly "stole" were not Sony's games in the first place. They were third party games that happened to have been released on the dominant console last generation.

Those publishers have no obligation to Sony to only produce games for them from here to eternity.

And Microsoft is doing exactly what any platform holder should do: securing as many games for their platform as they can. To do anything less would be a disservice to the owners of their console. Sony did exactly the same thing when they moved into the video game business.-

SevWolf5171d ago

Well, I don't mind it in a big way, but I do find it a bit annoying, but hey as long as I know every time I hear that song I think of one of the greatest games ever then I'm cool about it(the song was implemented very well in the third level, at JUST the right time.)
Also since this was posted on Gametrailers awhile back, I'm gonna ask the same question most users asked(including me). In the ad they say "play games with your friends online for free". REALLY? Now isn't that false advertising?
@CWMR=Cow Woman Microsoft Rat....see I can make fun of names too...does that make me cool as you, or do I still need years of trolling?

ShabzS5171d ago (Edited 5171d ago )

lbp / sony dont own the music ...


damn look at all the 12 year olds bit*hing about this? go finish your home work guys

InfectedDK5171d ago (Edited 5171d ago )

I think it is stupid because most people recognize the song and says "hey! That is from that game, you know, the one with some teddybears runnin' 'round, very cool game!" and then the friend says "How cool! But the game is exclusive to the PS3.."

DaTruth5171d ago

It's not MS's fault their ad execs are playing LBP on their PS3's at home!

Syronicus5171d ago

Too bad they had no music from their own exclusives that they could use for the image they are trying to portray.

gaffyh5171d ago (Edited 5171d ago )

Very sly from MS, but obviously Sony doesn't own this music. It seems like MS tactic is to sometimes confuse the consumer into thinking a product is something other than what it is. Couple of examples:
- Halo Wars: They only showed CG stuff in trailers, a LOT of people bought the game thinking it was a normal Halo.
- This music is associated with LBP, they trying to make people think they have a game like that on their system

They also wrote "connect for free" on the advert for XBL, obviously this is misleading, they then put small print at the end so they don't get sued. But a lot of companies do this, so it's not that big of a deal.

AssassinHD5171d ago

Are you sure about that? Isn't that a Columbia Records song? Sony owns Columbia Records.

IrishRepublicanArmy5171d ago

well if they were doing this advert they would add in that its not free to play online games,
heir consoles brake ater a few months,
online is plagued by lag,
and immature 10 yr olds,
there too unorigional to find a song that wasnt heavily used in ps3 marketing,
the entertainment isnt endless as there is no browser,
and we charge 60bucks a year just to go online to play against your friends!

the top gear lads wud have enjoyed making this one! ;)