LIVE on LIVE 42.5 - Nothing at All

Topics include…
Gears maps. Will you wait or pay?
-Xbox 360 and PC integration.
-Does MS really pay attention to user suggestions.
-Mass Effect delayed to Sep: Is there room at the end of the year for all these games: Halo 3, Mass Effect, GTA4, PGR 4, Blue Dragon, BioShock, Half-Life 2… Will MS push some of these to 08?
Are franchises limiting developer creativity? Is there really a need for GTA IV or should they use the same concept but go in a different direction?
Unlicensed sports games. Will people get on the bandwagon of unlicensed games just to stick it to EA?
YAY or NAY returns with a broad May line-up.

Show Wrap-Up Discussion
GUI J and Silent Cypher start a new show!
Find out what CarpalTunnel means to Rusty!
Possible 360FrindSpot and XBLR colabo?
Don't forget to submit your Guitar videos!
Outtakes and more…

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