New Gears of War map pack to arrive this Thursday

Major Nelson has posted on his site more Good news for Gears of War fans, a new map pack will be available this Thursday.

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likeaboss3024186d ago

Look forward to getting them for free Sept. 3rd.

ThaGeNeCySt4186d ago

lol as do i... just wish september wasn't far away... early last week i was wondering if they'd ever make a map that involved the Kryll... and just for that i MAY MAY MAY purchase these maps

eques judicii4186d ago

i'd kinda rather just wait... but i also might not because the maps do sound really sweet! I always like maps that are interactive... plus, sept is sooo far away... well, we'll see what happens, i'll wait for some reviews of the maps.

HiTechH84186d ago

My 360 has been out of action since the last patch. Is GoW still host advantage shotgun war? If so I will pass on these maps and any other not free content.

JasonXE4186d ago

but i got so much confidence in my abilities that it usually does not matter.

Ravenator5294186d ago

If you really want to spend 800 points on a worthwhile game pack, purchase the Rainbow Six Vegas pack. It has new maps and new gameplay modes. There is easily 800 points worth of content in the Rainbow Six pack.

I lost interest with GOW multiplayer when all you do is essentially run around with a shotgun and grenade tag people. Not to mention the insane host advantage in that game.

reaperxciv4186d ago

i've downloaded the vegas map pack 4 days ago. about that host advantage, i see no problem on how epic could patch that up for GoW. vegas is unreal engine based and the host advantage isn't that glaring...

Dukester1014186d ago

normally, i would spend the cheap 800 pts on the maps, but Gears (since the 2 updates that "fixed" the game) has become less appealing. i've been spending my time in other games.

i only come back to it every once in awhile, since i run a gaming league, and we have Gears as one of our games.... so i can wait till they're free.

besides, CnC3 comes out in 9 days, and that'll consume most of my time anyway...

sajj3164186d ago

1. Reduce or Remove host advantage

2. Decrease Radius of impact for Boom shot. Shot the ground 5 feet ahead of you and you are already severly damaged or down for the stomp.

3. Annex mode, during connection errors when everything stops, the timer still goes. Pretty cheap couple of points. How did that get passed QA?

4. Reduce or Remove host advantage .... I think I've said this.

We need bigger maps. Imagine playing Raven Down with all Boom shots. Total nightmare. Sometimes it seems that the team to get the Boom shot first will win. Skill weapons are torque bow and sniper rifle. Can't effectively use them in smaller maps. People use sniper rifles for active reload shots. Forget about it if you are host. Total advantage with a sniper with one active reload shot from 200 feet away.

Dlacy13g4186d ago

Decrease the boom shot? Heck no, imo it finally is working as an explosive round should. If a grenade or rocket goes off 5 ft in front of you then you should be down and hurt...maybe even dead. No if anything the torque bow should be beefed up a bit. I think the charge time is a little too long..just a little...and the blast radius is very, very small compared to the boom shot.

sajj3164186d ago

If that's the case, a shotgun blast 3 inches away should blow anyone up with or without an active reload. Its all about balance. If anything, minimize the impact of the boom shot based on the number of boom shots available in the session

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The story is too old to be commented.