Games For Windows Live 3.0 quietly released

Leave it to Microsoft to not promote their next major update for their Games For Windows Live clients. However the 3.0 version of the PC gaming service is indeed now available for download at Microsoft's web site (there's no auto-update available as of the time of this post).

Aside from a brand new color scheme and art style there's not much that's been changed in the stand alone client's user interface. However, posts on the Games For Windows message boards indicate the in-game client for Games For Windows Live does have some new features such as being able to add Microsoft Points in the game itself to purchase add-on items. You can even change your GamerTag for a "mere" 800 points.

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Pandamobile4063d ago

We can change are gamer tag for $10? THANKS MICROSOFT. You bunch of greedy whores.

Pandamobile4063d ago

Who would actually pay $10 to change their name when GFW LIVE is a free service, anyway?

Bnet3434063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

I changed my gamertag and I know a lot of others who have. I wish I had the same option on PSN. The only reason they are charging money is so people don't change their gamertag everyday. It's actually an incentive NOT to change your gamertag. No need to freak out about it.

I like it because you can message your Xbox Live friends. I agree Steam is faster.

Tony P4063d ago

I never much cared for GFWL. I suspect that, if it ever becomes an attractive service, they'll start ringing up the cash register like XBL. I don't have much against XBL, but I'll never want to play that way on PC.

The fewer games that use GFWL the better imo. Besides, the service isn't that attractive at all to begin with. Steam has it beat in pretty much every area.

Pandamobile4063d ago

Yeah, I hate Live. It's so bloody slow. It takes 5x longer to send a message over Live than say Steam or Xfire.

With Live, you press Home, scroll through the menu, find who you want to message, type the message, confirm that you really want to send this message, wait a couple seconds for the message to send, then wait another second for the UI to fade out so you can get back to playing.

Compared to Steam where you press Shift+Tab, type, send, done.

-Mezzo-4063d ago

well said. Pandamobile.

edgeofblade4063d ago

If you don't like it, don't buy it.

And quit yer whining.

Pandamobile4063d ago

It's kind of forced in to the games. You can't disable it without disabling another part of the game.

Trust me. If I could just get rid of it, I would.

STONEY44063d ago

"The only reason they are charging money is so people don't change their gamertag everyday. It's actually an incentive NOT to change your gamertag."

Then they should just not allow you to change it after a period of 90 days or something, $10 is just BS. Or make it like steam where you can change the name that displays in the game but keep your account name the same. I'm not gonna pay money I could use for steam or psn games just to change my name.

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SlumTheoRy4063d ago

Well of course changing your name should not be a daily thing. In my opinion, you should change you name every 2-3 years. But thats just me. But, you can be a old school XBL player that some people might remember. "Oh hey, I know you. I played CTF with you on Halo 2 like 2 years ago."

Pandamobile4063d ago

It's a stupid system.

With Steam, you have a user ID which is unchangable. You use it to sign in and that's it. Then you've got your community name which can be changed it 5 seconds without a hassle.

Who wants to be tied to a user name for years? I change my name fairly regularly.

Troll-Killer4063d ago

...has been my XBL Gamertag since 2002 ; I've always been THWIP71, and I always will be THWIP71.

It's been my experience that people who change their gamertags, are typically people you don't want to play with. They generally have pissed enough people off, that they feel the need to change their identity, so they don't get booted immediately, or catch a bunch of flack when they join a lobby. I don't mind that MS charges to change your GT, because 1.) I'll never do it, and 2.) it discourages people from doing it on a regular basis, and screwing up the "identity" and "community" aspects of XBL that were originally intended.

lord_of_balrogs4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Not everything has to be like Steam. But coming from you with Valve being teh greatest developers eva and capable of doing no wrong. I'm not suprised that you think this.

Lol, Troll-Killer you are completely right. On Gears of War 2 I play Wingman a lot and certain users get a lot of abuse because the people they play against know that they have modded controllers.

Pandamobile4063d ago

I'm just using Steam as an example.

I still use "Tehdaza" as my main name, but I like to change it occasionally whether it be to parody someone else's name in a game, or just to change things up.

KionicWarlord2224063d ago


I bet you changed it to Heavy once .

Pandamobile4063d ago

Nah, I'm more of a Scout myself.

177 hours as Scout compared to like 50 as Heavy.

Major_Tom4063d ago

Games of Windows on PC sucks. Everyone I know usually turns it off because it's a nuisance to boot and it won't let you 'Load' you're game unless you log into it.

Microsoft must think I'm on an Xbox 360 or something clearly. The interface is crap any one who games on a PC can tell you that.

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free2game3654063d ago

GFW Live has kept me off from buying those Fallout 3 mini exp pack things.