Images and artworks of Devil May Cry 4

60 images and artworks of Devil May Cry 4.

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Violater4279d ago

when it was released that this game was to go Multi, it was one of the hottest topics. And lately no one seems to care much about this game.
I think we may be too concerned with console wars than we are with the games themselves.

techie4278d ago

i dont agree Vio really. i just think there has been a saturation of DMC4 stuff...videos, pictures etc etc. What we need is a demo.

Satanas4278d ago

While it is probably true that many are far too deep in the console war, I know I myself have been interested in this game ever since I saw a 30 second combo HD video. Everything released since then hasn't been too interesting...when a demo hits, it'll be popular news.

power of Green 4278d ago

The game was hot before and just after the multi platform announcment. For the most part i do agree.

omansteveo4278d ago

Why do you only have 2 bubbles i read alot of your comments and they seem to be legit for the most part aside from a few.

consolewar4278d ago

comments from Mr Green were terrible.

silent ninja4278d ago

its the same as assassin creed. when it was ps3 only it was the most talked about. after annoucing it'll mult platform....people have lost interest

kingofps34278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

The screenshots look much more gorgeous now (since it is the PS3 version anyways). Hope the game comes out sooner.