Is Elite an Error?

With the launch of Xbox 360 Elite, Microsoft is now chasing Sony for the high-end market. But will this strategy alienate mass-market consumers? In this excerpt from its new report, DFC Intelligence weighs up the arguments…

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vidoardes4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

This has only been marked as lame because XBox fanboys don't like their precious console being bashed. This is an intelligent opinion based article, and is an interesting read

Babylonian4186d ago

I agree, that's why I aproved it too. Damn some people are really defensive to report it as lame.

THAMMER14186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

For me it is a not a good idea to run out and spend $500.00 on this. I would rather just go pick up a PS3. If I did not own a 360 this would be the best option hands down.

Now if some one buys my current 360 I will pick up an elite then but there really is no rush to go grab one. M$ also needs to get the bugs cleaned up too. There is no reason people should have to think twice about quality. Over all it is nice to have another option out there.

If I would stop being lazy and take the test I would approve this article too. I respect the guys at next gen.

WTF4186d ago

I have the Elite(dont have the ps3)and I have post this news anyway,news are news for every gamer.

WTF4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

For me its very good,I didn't own any 360 until now so for me its good.For gamers that don't have 360 its a great offer.

WTF4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

Its a good console and I think I got the louder version of the disc drives but I don't hear the noise anyway its quite.

likeaboss3024186d ago

I bought an Elite to replace my launch 360 (problem free up until this point) and have been enjoying it. I really think MS should have used this to phase out the core model and do a price drop on the premium. If they want to keep the core then drop that to $199 to send a shot across the Big N's bow.

slugg4186d ago

That Microsoft has plans along those lines for the future. Having the Elite available just give MS AND consumers more options...

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The story is too old to be commented.