Sony's response to beheaded goat debacle.

Sony has issued a statement regarding the use of a beheaded goat in a God of War II promotion in Athens, Greece.

Full Statement

"The media event for the PS2 title God of War ll took place in Athens, Greece on 1st March. Approximately 20 journalists from European countries attended the event from a variety of gaming and lifestyle media - although none were from the UK.

The event was a theatrical dramatisation with a Greek mythological theme and, as part of the set dressing, a dead goat was provided by the production company from a qualified local butcher. Following the mainstream popularity of shows such as 'I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of here' a series of challenges were set for the journalists. The 'warm entrails' referred to in the invitation and in the Mail on Sunday article was actually a meat soup, made to a traditional Greek recipe and served to attendees in china bowls direct from the caterers. There was never any question of journalists being able to touch the goat, or indeed eat the soup direct from the body of the goat, as one report has alleged. The goat was returned to the butcher at the end of the event.

The article in UK Official PlayStation Magazine (OPSM), from which the Mail on Sunday article was sourced, was written by a journalist who did not attend and done on the basis of the invitation for the event, which employed a degree of hyperbole in order to encourage attendance - the journalist chose to take it as fact!

The photograph was one of many supplied to the magazine to provide a balanced view of the event. Unfortunately, the article was sensationalised and focused on a picture that was unrepresentative of the wider event. When we saw the article for the first time on Thursday of last week we contacted the Publisher of OPSM who accepted that the article was not appropriate for their broad audience. On Friday, before we had received any contact from the media, they agreed to remove the centre page article before the magazine goes on general sale.

We recognise that the use of a dead goat was in poor taste and fell below the high standards of conduct we set ourselves. We are conducting an enquiry to establish the circumstances behind the event in order to ensure this does not happen again. We also apologise to anyone offended by the article in the OPSM (subscription copies were sent out ahead of street date)."

Dave Karraker
Sr. Director, Corporate Communications
Sony Computer Entertainment America

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Bullseye4213d ago

the fact remains, using an animal corpse in the promotion of a game is distasteful.Also, while Sony themselves may be innocent of this particular incident,remember Japan is one of only a couple of nations still killing whales for food under the pretence of scientific research!

bluebrad19744213d ago (Edited 4213d ago )

I wasn't aware that Japan used whales for food. However, I find it extremely hard to believe that the heads of Sony's games division were clueless to this event. Obviously, the person who made this statement knew every detail of the event.

BIadestarX4213d ago

Yes, Sony we like it when you beg for forgiveness. Maybe you should try controlling your brainless PR agents.

calderra4213d ago (Edited 4213d ago )

"We recognise that the use of a dead goat was in poor taste and fell below the high standards of conduct we set ourselves."

(@[email protected])

I think this is the nail in the coffin- Sony deserves to go bankrupt on the idiocy of their PR division alone. Screw their hardware, screw their software, this crap is just unacceptable.

EDIT: And I love how there's no similar justification for the virtually nude breasts at the event (bodypaint only, as seen in the pic). Or the fact that this event placed nearly-bare breasts BESIDE a dead goat, as in the picture.

There's so much wrong here that it hurts to even make fun of it.

bluebrad19744213d ago (Edited 4213d ago )

I find it disconcerting, that OPM had already printed the magazine and shipped it, yet in this statement he acts as though they were unaware that a beheaded goat might be too much for some people (young people especially). It's pretty obvious that they knew all about it, this guy knew every detail of the promotion.

ITR4213d ago

Sony's got a spin master working. This is an attempt to only control the spin.

Regardless they had a dead goat on display. Then they talk about high standards.

Then we have the incriminating photos of the event......

MetalProxy4213d ago

I like the ad, they need more like these. I would have had blood spraying all over the place. Its strange people are getting worked up over this. There are alot worse things out there. Kudos to who ever did the ad. People tend to remember shocking things.

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