Black Isle's Fallout 3 tech-demo video

Footage of Black Isle Studio's cancelled Fallout game, that's now in the hands of Bethesda.

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Captain Tuttle4284d ago

That'll bring a tear to your eye.

Retard4284d ago

My favorite fanchise in the gaming industry; If Beth makes the trilogy like they did Oblivions' dialog... I'll stab them with a spoon.

Captain Tuttle4284d ago

I agree. Love this franchise (well, 1 & 2) and am really excited and a little bit scared of what Bethesda might do to it.

Inasid4284d ago

Nice trailer with their music selection and gun variety.

MK_Red4284d ago

Fallout (1&2) is my favotite series too. I would sell my soul to play the Fallout3 (Finished version) in the demo. While Bethesda is making new Fallout3, that wouldn't be near the true Fallout3 from Black Isle. RIP Black Isle...

Captain Tuttle4284d ago

"Arcanum" and "Planescape: Torment" are 2 amazing games that are similar to Fallout 1&2, at least in spirit and scope. If you haven't already, hunt them down and give them a try. You won't regret it.

Lucidmantra4284d ago

cant agree more captain tuttle ...

Arcanum is a great game.. Planescape simply cannot be touched... sorry to say but it trumps even the godly Fallouts in some areas and ANYONE who calls themself an RPG fgan should play it. If you just like Final Fantasy and Japanese RPGS you are missing alot but to each their own.