Ashes Cricket 2009 - 39 HD screenshots has posted up 39 in-game screenshots from Ashes Cricket 2009.

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Cwalat4461d ago

Can someone spell Flop to me?

kingdavid4461d ago

For something to flop, it has to have hype in the first place.

cayal4461d ago

This game will be huge in Australia and the UK.

HBK6194460d ago

I agree with Cayal.

Even though this game has come out at a pretty poor time (Should've been out when the Ashes actually started thus given the most hype) it will still sell VERY well for a game that is only getting an EU release.

The game will be No.1 (Or at least Top 3) in Aus and the UK I would imagine in the first few weeks and will do well enough in it's lifetime to get another release next year.