Xbox LIVE Summer Update Details

GamersDigest writes;

"Less than a week from today, the Xbox LIVE summer update will arrive to more than 20 million Xbox LIVE members and with it will come the next evolution of connected entertainment on Xbox 360. Get ready to meet the many new faces of your Xbox 360; whether it's new Avatar clothing and awards from Adidas or "Splosion Man", or even a private home cinema, Xbox LIVE has something for you."

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RedMist113386d ago

Awesome, looking forward to 'Games on Demand', the lineup isn't too shabby!

Arthur_3386d ago

cost less than their retail store counterparts?

militant073386d ago

dont think so...
nothing beat the hard copy :)

Arthur_3386d ago

well, Im a fan of all things digital, including downloads.

BUT, if the game is going to cost the same, then yes, i would rather buy the hard copy and save myself the space on my HDD.:


Gamertags3386d ago

Live updates are always awesome!

Bnet3433386d ago

Arthur, you pay for the convenience of the download. Instead of waiting days for the game to get to your house or getting in a car and going to the store, you get it instantly. Steam sells it's digital copies at full price as well as D2D (Direct2Drive).

IaMs123386d ago

Also the thing about Downloading is you have to wait a few hours to get it, SO its not instant. Would you rather run to the local store and take 15 mins get there and 15 there then 15 back to equal 45 mins or wait a few more hours to get the game. (depends on your ISP). Also save space on your HDD for other games you cant get on disks.

The problem with downloading is once you delete it you have to wait to play it again and re download, hard disk is you can just put right in and off you go.

BUT then again gas nowadays..uh

reckoner3386d ago

And it showed the downloadable Mass Effect as only 1600 MP.

FrankenLife3385d ago

Be sure to wait 48 hours from the release of the update before you actually update. At least I will. MS has a tendency to brick consoles with each update. Wait to see what happens before you do it.

RockmanII73385d ago

Mass Effect = 1600 MS
1600 MS = $20
$20 = Mass Effect ( )
See a pattern?

y0haN3385d ago

@ Kigmal

You also don't need a disc in the drive to play, which is very useful. Steam often has sales for games every week so if you hold off buying something for a few weeks you may find it halves in price.

Also "its" not "it's" ;).

Arthur_3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

you also have to remember that the 360's biggest HDD is 120gb.

Thats like 10 games.

They need to support external drives, or give us a 500gb+ drive.

Sure, its convenient, but its much MUCH cheaper to support a network for a single download, than to have that game burnt to a disc, labeled, packaged, and shipped to the US(and other regions) for purchase.
All I'm saying is---pass the savings on.

@Iams12: Wow. what kind of connection do you have? seems a little slow ;)

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KionicWarlord2223386d ago


*sips the update juice *

ShabzS3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

so i got into the preview build prog .... one thing i noticed is that the game library tab is a bit messed up ... like before it always showed on the game library tab in the "my xbox" section in writing the last game you played and then the game covers of the last 3 games you played ...

but now there isnt anything written on it at all and the pics are completely jumbled up.... the pics of the third last game or even the fourth last game you played is in the front... anyone else have the same issue ? .. o_0 even deleteing the cache doesnt help ...

KionicWarlord2223386d ago

Yeah i noticed.

I hope MS fixs that .

ShabzS3386d ago

phew .. i thought it was only me lol ...

KingME3385d ago (Edited 3385d ago )

Didn't notice that on mine.

@Baka-akaB below:

What's wrong with avatars, you only need to look at them when you are on the friends tab or under the my xbox tab.

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Baka-akaB3386d ago

Sigh looks good , except , still no damn option to turn off avatars .

-Mezzo-3386d ago

Games on demand is the thing i am looking forward too.

maxcer3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

all this stuff is great for xbl, but where the hell are our bigger/cheaper hdd options? for someone with a 20gb drive, game add-ons and xbla games alone are pushing it.

As for the 120gb drives, im convinced once i purchase one MS will release a bigger/cheaper drive the very next month. seeing as how long they have been on the market and all the games-on-demand announcements.

hopefully we'll see 250gb and 500gb drive options by the end of the year. and as for the cost i expect the standard MS "bend over and take it pricing structure"

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