Preview : Fable 2

From Gamedaily:
"Although much of Peter Molyneux's latest adventure game remains under wraps, the famous developer shed some light on the Xbox 360 sequel. Gamers will play as either a man or a woman. They can get married and even have kids. When asked how getting pregnant impacts female players, Molyneux wouldn't elaborate, but mentioned that they will need to go on a hiatus.

The biggest innovation appears to be the ability to have a dog. Molyneux, feeling emotionally detached from previous adventure games, elected to explore the concept of unconditional love. Rather than settle on forming a bond between the player and a sidekick or even their significant other (who apparently becomes quite a nuisance), he created a very intelligent canine companion, one that modifies its behavior depending on the actions of its master.

Molyneux drew on his previous games for inspiration, particularly his Black & White series...

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ASSASSYN 36o4186d ago

I hope ol Peter Molyneux isn't exaggerating again like he did for the first Fable. Honestly, I could care less for having kids in a video game...wait that process involves...ok Im cool with it as long as there is some good er a...interaction.

Silver Bull3t4186d ago

Player befriends dog. Dog saves players bacon. Dog gets killed by end Boss. Player avenges dogs death. Roll credits =/

FCOLitsjustagame4186d ago

I was holding out hope that the dog will just be greatly injured or that you could do SOMETHING to actually change the course of events. But they definitly will want to use the dog to make you HATE the badguy. It could be good or it could come off as VERY scripted.

grifter0244186d ago

hehe nice one silver.. I agree with you assassyn.. He should put in more of his "PROJECT EGO" and less lies.. I would have liked to seen everything he said was going to be in this game from the beginning.

grifter0244186d ago

Ohh man its just a game.. Thats an awesome avatar!!! "Col Oneill what the he11 are you doing!" "No longer in possession of ones faculties, Bonkers, 2 fries short of a happy meal WACKO!!" That was a really good episode...

FCOLitsjustagame4184d ago

Yes, yes it was. One of the funniest episodes of Stargate ever. :)