Rumor: Xbox 360 Pro Being Phased Out Pretty Soon

The staple Xbox 360 - the Xbox 360 Pro - looks set to march straight off retail shelves and into the history books, if new console packaging is anything to go by.

First hinted at by Ars Technica's ever-reliable mole in June, then further hinted at by new 360 packshot renders later that month, photos sent to us by GameStop employees earlier this week seem to offer proof that Microsoft will soon go from offering three Xbox 360 consoles to just two.

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Nineball21123414d ago

This does seem to back up those claims that the Pro will be discontinued.

-MD-3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

If they offer the elite for the pros cost I'm buying a second 360.

RealityCheck3414d ago

Makes even more sense if you factor in rumors of Natal models later on, they don't want too many SKUs at once so they have to discontinue something.

Marcelles253414d ago

you guys are all wrong this means the Xbox360 slim

Bnet3433414d ago

I hope the elite drops in price. I still have a 20 GB 360, I want an elite to match my PS3 and DS and PC.

darthv723414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )


By phasing out the pro then I sure hope MS takes those 60gb drives and upgrades the Arcade with a std hdd. Maybe even lower the cost of the Elite to $299.

If they do decide to bring out the "Pro" again then it should look something like this:
Arcade w/60gb for $179
Pro w/120gb for $249
Elite w/320gb for $329

That way all sku's had hdd for the games on demand and other services that will basically require a hdd to be std.

Blaze9293414d ago

Maybe the pro is being replaced with the Xbox 360+?

joemayo763414d ago

this jus might be the biggest fall/winter so far this gen with all the news/rumours around

great for gamers everywhere not so much for the wallets

indysurfn3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

it is obvious that the arcade is the version is going away! This article ASSUMES that the arcade model is going away, that may not be the case.

The real reason I think the arcade version is going away is Project NATAL needs a hard drive! They are pushing NATAL. The reason NATAL needs a hard drive is for updates to many games that will have controls retrofitted for natal. Which is part of the development tools Microsoft sent out the day of E3.

1 I think Arcade disappears and is replaced with Pro.
2 The Elite becomes the middle model (making another rumor true)
3 The 360 ultra (okay I forget the name) but the 1TB 360 is the new
top line.

This line up makes sense on the hard drive levels. Because currently you can get a 160gig PS3, AND upgrade to a 500GB seagate on your own!
After this summer everyone expects Sony will increase the hard drive space to 240gig! Making the 120GB Elite to small to compete! Microsoft does not want to get so far behind and will release a bigger system than the current elite.

RAZTAD, no disrespect but that sounds like obvious hate to me. Saying a system is not worth $300 is a major hate statement there is no way around it. If I said PS3 was not worth $300 then you would think I was being a hater, and slamming the system. It has the most AAA games about 300% more than ps3 (see Wikipedia) it had its problems but is backed up by Microsoft with a 3 year warranty and free shipping. And it is no where near the failure rate of ps1 or ps2 and I have had SEVERAL of each of those. No way I said they where not worth $300 because they had the games. Even though I knew I was screwed if they broke again (and they did). My elite not a single problem the amount of failures are exaggerated by PS3 fanboys

Marcelles253414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )


And plus there is no reason to have that big of a harddrive

also a 360 is only worth 200 bucks i wouldn't buy one that more its not worth it al it does is play games the PS3 can do so Much MORE ..........................HIT IT ↓↓↓↓↓

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Rockstar3414d ago

Although I'd like to see an Elite price cut to 199.

raztad3414d ago

TOTALLY agree. I dont hate xbox360, but I think is not worth 300$.

MS probably knows Sony will price cut the PS3 and they want the xbox stand as the cheaper option. Makes a lot of sense to phase out the Pro, and cut Elite price. If Elite's is 250$ I'm getting one for sure.

PS360PCROCKS3414d ago

Isn't worth $300? Quit acting like a fanboy

kaveti66163414d ago

I agree with Raztad. In this economy an Xbox 360 is not worth 300 bucks, nor is a PS3 worth 400 bucks or 500 bucks. In this stinking economy, it's not even worth it to pay money for games.

raztad3414d ago


I didnt mean to sound like a fanboy, because I'm not. My console of choice is PS3 because one feature (besides games), RELIABILITY. Please read my post bellow.

Feature vs feature PS3 just pack a lot more, but the x360 have some games I' m interested in, for example Shadow Complex, but then I hate the non-upgradeable HDD, the lack of WiFii, the standard dvd, RROD, etc.

kaveti66163414d ago

I get 9 disagrees for advocating financial responsibility in the face of a terrible economic crisis. Idiots. Fine. 3.5 years into the 360s lifecycle, you should go and buy an xbox 360 for 300 dollars. God knows Microsoft isn't going to release another console any time soon. /s

potenquatro3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Not for having preferences, we all have those. But for coming to all these 360 articles to tell us how the ps3 is "soooo much better, does more and is just sooooo much better". I have both ps3&360, but prefer 360/pc. See if you can find me trolling ps3 threads like you do. You can totally do whatever you want, but don't act like you actually have any cred.

Your point of view in a 360 thread = comedy gold. The amount of bubbles you have, and the type of comments you make is proof of your fanboy accomplishments here on N4G. Wear them with pride......But in the "open zone".

EDIT: you want a 360, but won't listen to the owners that say RROD is pretty much gone. Hate non-upgradeble HHD's. So you never played video games before this gen then??? LOLOLOL. If you actually played 360 you would know 60gigs is actually really good. No mandatory installs. Like I said, "comedy gold"

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Saaking3414d ago

The x360 is phasing out. Soon it shall be gone and will join ET in some landfill.

36T3414d ago

Yep! They will be lying right next to a whole sh1t load of dusty black boxes in that landfill once the slim comes out.

3414d ago
36T3414d ago

If MS drops the price of the Elite to $300, i'll be buying one the next day and selling my Pro version. Slap a 500g hdd and it's even better!

Even after a price cut, Sony's PS3 will still be crowned the most expensive HD console on the market, whether it's a slim or not. Either way, i have no interest in a PS3 what so ever. It would have to hit $200, which is not gonna happen anytime soon.

Rockstar3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

take a look through a regular consumers eyes.

The amount of stuff you can do with an Elite Vs. the amount of stuff you can do with a PS3. I won't list them...lists are getting tired.

Suffice it to say i think in order for MS to counter Sonys price cut to 299 they would have to make the Elite cheaper than 299 since it would be MS's go to console.

That's my 2 cents.

raztad3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Why not interest in the PS3? its a reliable console with games you wont find anywhere else. I think you are using the price as an excuse, typical hater.

I for once interested in a 360, but reliability issues, lack of of HDD, and wireless in the arcade model put me off. As it stand right now I need to get the Elite, as it is the model more or less comparable to a PS3 (except BD of course), so a price cut to at least the current Pro price (I hope its 250$ though) can get me in.

Nineball21123414d ago

36T... c'mon, admit it. You wouldn't be interested in a PS3 if they GAVE you one.

It's not like ppl can't see that about you. You can stop the pretending now. :-)

Foxgod3414d ago

Why would he, then he might as well buy one.
If people hand me a ps3, il sell it.

Rockstar3414d ago

You don't like the PS3?

There's a surprise!


Why don't you use all of your bubbles and tell us what you don't like about it.

Don't forget to be irrational, you also might want to head to the other zone with all of your friends as well.

singhjeet293414d ago

How exactly would you slap a 500GB on a 360?

36T3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Okay people stop freaking out man. I am not interested in a PS3 because i have a gaming system already. I don't have enough time to play games as often as i would like, so a second console would be a waste of money at the moment. If the system was given to me for free or sold at $200 i would get one in a heartbeat. As it is now, i am very satisfied with just a 360. Where in my post did i say that i would refuse a PS3 if somebody stupid enough would give me one for free? It is a gaming system with some great games, i just prefer the 360 and that's why i own one. Capiche?

@ singhjeet29

Well since a 500g HDD doesn't exist at the moment on the 360, they would have to make one, no? It's just a matter of time with the Games on Demand service coming soon.

@ Rockstar

I would be very surprised if Sony cut the cost of the PS3 to $300. I say $350 with a great game or something. We will find out soon enough.

PS360PCROCKS3414d ago

"Why not interest in the PS3? its a reliable console with games you wont find anywhere else. I think you are using the price as an excuse, typical hater"

Ya good luck playing Mass Effect, Gears Of War, Halo, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Fable 2. Could you try to sound unbiased?

ChozenWoan3414d ago

"Ya good luck playing Mass Effect, Gears Of War, Halo, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Fable 2. Could you try to sound unbiased? "

You do know that with a decent PC you can play all those games without ever owning an XBox, Fable 2 and GeoW 2 being the exceptions. While Windows is a MS product, there are ways to even circumvent using even that and still be able to play those games. Yes it would require a more powerful gaming PC than your avg consumer has, but can still be done using Linux.

On the other hand, the only way to play MGS4, R2, KZ, Demons Soul's, LBP, or Infamous is to actually own a PS3. Disagree if you want to but I'm just stating facts.... which N4G has no use for so I'll just stop while I'm ahead.

cereal_killa3414d ago

Rockstar Fox only knows how to play Sales and since the PS3 has no sales month to month (so the Fanboys say) he would have nothing to play.

On topic: I really think they should keep the pro and discontinue the Arcade model and make sure that every system has a HD having a system with no HD is a huge problem in the gaming industry and several developers have made this claim R* being one of them.

Darrius Cole3414d ago

"On topic: I really think they should keep the pro and discontinue the Arcade model and make sure that every system has a HD having a system with no HD is a huge problem in the gaming industry and several developers have made this claim R* being one of them."

It is too late now. Thee system without the HDD has been on the market since the release. I suspect that about 10% of the Xboxes on the market have no HDD.

But I do agree that the lack of a standard HDD of a very big problem as the HDD is the best invention in computers since they became small enough to fit on a desk.


I think that the combination of 1)making the standard Elite version the standard Xbox and 2) cutting the price to $249, is a mistake when you consider an impending $300 PS3 is around the corner. The Xbox 360 has to be $100 less than a PS3 in order to outsell it.

I think a better strategy would be to keep the current Pro version and cut the price to $200 when the PS3 slim (or whatever it is called) is cut to $300. I fear that making the Elite version the new standard Xbox may increase the cost so that they can only cut the cost to $250.

Carl14123414d ago

Goshh just because the guy doesn't want a PS3, doesn't make him a fanboy or a hater. He doesn't have the time or money to have more than one console, so what?? Many people are the same way. That s the principle reason why i only own a PS3; not because i am a fanboy (or 360 hater) but because i don't have the time or money for a 360 + games too.

Stop giving the guy a hard time

Rockstar3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

If the stories of Sony reducing the cost of manufacturing a PS3 by 70 percent are true I don't see why they couldn't cut the cost at retail by 25 percent.

But you're right, we will see.

raztad3414d ago


OMG dude why so defensive?

What are you talking about? In that quote I didnt say anything false nor AGAINST the 360, just stated the Ps3 got some games you wont find anywhere else. How is that related to Gears and other x360 exclusives? Of course every console has its own set of exclusives.

BTw, I'm NOT interested in any of those games you mentioned. Other 360 games got my attention though, Shadow Complex is the most prominent.

Nineball21123414d ago

"Either way, i have no interest in a PS3 what so ever. It would have to hit $200"

I should have known better than to post a reply to someone who doesn't understand the term "mutually exclusive".

So... you have no interest WHAT SO EVER, but if it's $200.00 or less, you'll take it?

LOL... smh

I can appreciate your dilemma with the time situation. There never seems to be enough time to get as much gaming done as I want either.

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