Dr. Richard Marks Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Playstation Eye

Ever since we first saw back in 1999 or 2000 what would later become the EyeToy, we were intrigued by its possibilities. That interest was further piqued during a subsequent visit to Sony Computer Entertainment America R&D a couple of years later, where Dr. Richard Marks, aka the Father of the EyeToy, demonstrated the possibilities of a future EyeToy with depth perception. Imagine being able to do everything that the Wii remote's gestural controls can do--without requiring the remote--with a healthy dash of "Minority Report" on top, and you'll have an idea of where Playstation would like to go. Nevertheless, one must first take baby steps; these are represented by the EyeToy's no longer toy-like successor: Playstation Eye, which was announced last week. To get the inside dope on the PS3's newest accessory, conducted an interview with the always-affable Dr. Marks.

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VirtualGamer4192d ago

I am really excited to see what they do with this. For me peronsally I hope SOE uses the speach recognition to replace actually having to type on a keyboard to communicate in a mmorpg. John Smedley has already said they are looking at new ways to allow gamers to interact and this was one of them.

Keyser4192d ago

It will be interesting to see how they incorporate it in gaming. I wonder if you can attach it to a tripod. I sit on the couch 15ft away from the tv so I"m not seeing much use for it for me right now. I have a webcam and I already don't use it. I will wait and see.

techie4192d ago

well this one has a strong zoom... :)

techie4192d ago

I think they are really going to try and push they are trying to battle against the innovation os the Wii....imagine a shop demostration of the ps3eye with voice recognition and powerful movement recognition...facial recognition etc. The Wii will wee itself.

VirtualGamer4192d ago

I agree Deep. The potential is awesome to do alot of things that we have not been able to do thus far. As you suggested in another post perhaps this is what Ken was refering to when he said 4D.

techie4192d ago

or 4d could be his network....who knows. Anyway talking about 4d is nonsense...we all play in 2d (tv screens only 2d at the moment...there are now 3d it) So really using the eyetoy would be playing in 3dimensions. :)

But 120fps...most cams are 30fps, they knew they needed 60fps. But 120fps....they have BIG ideas for this if they think they need that.

VirtualGamer4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Yes Deep your correct. However most people consider 3D gaming to be the ability to move your character around in a virtual 3D world regardless of the fact your viewing it on a 2D TV screen. Now add in the ability to interact and play that character without using a controller via the Playstation Eye and to me that would be adding another dimension to gaming that was not there before and thus could be considered 4D. Is it technically correct? Nope, but I can totally see how a person could think of it in that context just as we think of 3D gaming when in actual fact its still 2D.

BubblesDAVERAGE4192d ago

Its like playing Yu Gi oh like they did on the show...thats pretty cool u show the card and the monster appears..Imagine if they did that with digimon or magic or any other card game eye toy and ps3 would be for car gamers now..with the Hdd for new cards they create and the space of a blu ray

ItsDubC4192d ago

Am I too old to be the only one who thought of the 80's singer when I read this headline?