DSi: The first Nintendo Console I Haven't Purchased Since 1988

That said, I haven't quite disregarded Wii in the same way that many of my peers have. In fact, the occasional release in the system still gets me excited enough to put down that pre-order, despite the obviously beneficial connections that being the editor of Electronic Theatre brings. However, a very clear symptom of either the change in my taste, or perhaps the videogame industry's perception of my taste, is that for the first time in nearly twenty years I did not purchase the latest Nintendo console within the first month of release. Nor the second, third or fourth. In fact, after nearly five months on UK retail shelves, I still haven't purchased a Nintendo DSi.

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cyguration3362d ago

is money hungry and pooping out all kinds of crap. It's shocking that people are willing to pay for a DS what you could get a 360/PSP for. Just shocking.

darthv723362d ago

I got mine because I wanted it. Plain and simple. I have all other variations and this is just another to my collection but I will honestly tell you it is a great little unit. I find myself enjoying it more than my ds lite. DL the little games are actually quite fun.

I do play the lite from time to time against my son because of guitar hero but any DS cart game I play on the dsi. Screens are better, no down time to swap games. It may not be your cup of tea but dont knock it till you tried it.

It needs more cross integration with the wii as well as dl to sd card.

RayMustang3361d ago

I bought a DS cuz of
Final fantasy

Always cuz of the games, always