Sony gear up the PS3 to attack the market

At long last we can see Sony starting to act with some aggression in the console war against the Xbox 360. They are very clearly positioning themselves to make up lost ground this holiday season.

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pure pwnage243457d ago

expect total PS3 domination this holiday and B3YOND :P

da720izcumin3457d ago

u can see the future right?

so a price drop n uncharted is gonna lead to that?
every freaking year, every year, you people make these statements, I wish u luck this year though...

Montrealien3456d ago

I can see the Future, and it is pure pwnage for all the fanboys, during the holiday season, beyond and till the end of time. :D

Syronicus3457d ago

Now that they have seen how a 199 dollar Xbox 360 sells, they can go in for the kill in terms of sales. Lower the price of the PS3, release the slim model and then release a billion dollar franchise game like GT5... It will be bloody... I wonder how hard it was for Bruce to actually print something decent about the PS3... With all the months of Sony bashing he has done, it amazes me he actually spit something worth reading out.

SRU96003457d ago

It looks like Sony is getting ready to throw a Hail Mary.

If they fumble it, it could very well be game over for them this gen.

Syronicus3457d ago


Silly comments like that crack me up... And not in a good way. If you have not learned by now that Sony is not going anywhere but up then you seriously need to take a close look as to why you actually pay any attention to the news.

Bruceongames3457d ago

Watch the video at the top of the article.

Max Power3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

I would say that this is the second quarter for sony and they are down by 14. I don't think they'll resort to a Hail Mary just yet, maybe a hurry up offense. If they do fumble, which is tough because GT is a huge franchise, there is still plenty of game left for them to it make up.

Maddens Raiders3457d ago


Do you know who your talking to kid? 8D

SRU96003457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Rocky is all washed-up, haven't you heard? ;)

poindat3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Your article sucks, Bruce. It's just a rehash of (now old) news. Normally I would be forgiving, but with the trash I've seen you put out before, it's pretty hard.

GameForFame3457d ago


riiiiight, Sony making some big moves and it'll pay off - question is how big will it be. I expect Sony to have a pretty big turnaround going into this last stretch of the year. Sh*t is gonna get real, really real.

ultimolu3457d ago

Oh goody, another bruceongames article!

This guy never gives up.

We know you're scared bruce. You're scared that the PS3 is still here and kicking.

DevastationEve3457d ago mean that after all this time Sony is STILL chasing after the Xbox 360 when in reality the rival they need to beat to be number one again is Nintendo? dirty dogs, your deal with Nintendo to distract Sony is working :)

joemayo763457d ago

if they "fumble" i don't think it will be game over they will just be down 3 pts at the end of the 1st qtr still lots of time to tie up or win (or lose) :)

not picking sides im switzerland (neutral) during this "console war" as long as i get good games on all platforms im good

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table3457d ago

What a crap article... thanks for nothing Bruce

Saaking3457d ago

Playstation Domination coming soon. MS has overstayed their welcome in the console market, it's time for them to leave.

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