PS3 outperforms Xbox 360 for EA

Both PC and PS3 prove more profitable platforms than Xbox for EA in quarter ending June 30th

Whilst it was the Wii, thanks to the success of EA Sports Active, that really shone for EA in its latest fiscal quarter, just as big a surprise is the fact that the publisher's PS3 returns far outstripped those coming from Microsoft's Xbox 360.

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gaffyh3359d ago

This is quite surprising if I'm honest, I'd have expected PS3 revenue t be less seen as you know, PS3 owners don't buy games. /sarcasm

Syronicus3359d ago

This is no surprise to me since it has been reported before in the same manner last year.

Clap Your Hands3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

As Syronicus said, this is actually not such an big surprise. Several companies (Ubisoft, Capcom, Namco, Konami etc.) last year also showed that they earned more on the PS3.

But it does seem a bit strange to me that the company (MS) with apparently the most consoles on the market, and which constantly states that its selling so many more games then the competition, in fact doesn't sell more games then the competition...

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xztence3359d ago

Playstation is associated with enough franchises to be the better performer for quite a lot of company's.
Just goes to show how powerful the brand is.

Syronicus3359d ago

Does Sony have fewer fees to publishers when obtaining games for the PS3 console than Microsoft or Nintendo have for their platforms? If that is the case, then how do they do it? I would expect that Sony would have more fees due to BD since it is the newer format but with these articles it shows otherwise.

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PAPERCHASER03963359d ago

The Ps3 does not get modded... The games are not copied like the Xbox... The hard drive only works in one particular console and cannot be swapped therefore eliminating any chance copying so that leads to more sales of software and profit for developers with the Ps3 and less theft.

Time Lord3359d ago

The difference is huge! The only explanation I can think of, is the strength of the Euro and the Pound compare to the Dollar, as we all know PS3 games sell better in Europe.

Syronicus3359d ago

Piracy on the 360 is that bad? Yikes!

leila013359d ago

I hope this means PS3 will be getting Mass Effect and sequels.

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DelbertGrady3359d ago

Why do you always comment on the disagrees if they don't bother you?

On topic: Surprising news. I thought the 360 would have more revenue since it has a larger install base than the PS3. Congrats to Sony!

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morganfell3359d ago

Does this mean EA is going to state that if Microsoft doesn't drop the pirce of the 360 then they may have to reconsider their support of them?

leila013359d ago

Seriously, that Activion CEO is retarded

silvacrest3359d ago

"m guessing most of the Europeans by 360s because they can pirate it"

LMAO @ sack boi, the 360 pirate issue is world wide and until you can prove the quoat above your just pulling opinions out of your ass and generalizing european gamers


"you could "disappear" right now and no one will even notice."

honestly i think you would probably notice more then anyone else

morganfell3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Unless something happens between now and the year end, that Activision CEO will take home the trophy for utter stupidity in a public comment.


hotdawg3359d ago

Could it be that the difference in sales has something to do with the disposable income of 360 owners vs PS3 owners. I don't know a single person who only works part time that owns a PS3. All the PS3 owners I know personally all have full time jobs. Probably a fourth of the 360 owners I know are employed full time.

OmarJA3359d ago

Looks like PS3 owners buy more games then the 360 owners...

Well that good for EA either way.

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evrfighter3359d ago

"the reason why I bring up disagrees/agrees is because of the fact it seems to be a favorite hobby of 360 fanboys who can't even tell me why they disagree"

lol so you, who always responds like you don't care when you get disagrees (or at least try and pretend to not care). only do this because an xbox fanboy or two didn't tell you why they disagreed?

lolol wtf? are you serious? I have no idea how that would justify getting butthurt when you a get a disagree but whatever helps you sleep better at night =\

DelbertGrady3359d ago

Did it ever occur to you that perhaps people on this site disagree with you just to get that reaction? Maybe if you stopped commenting on the disagrees you would get less of them?

It's easy to excuse the disagrees with everyone being '360 fanboys' and 'cowards' though. Instead of accepting that some people just don't feel the same way as you and disagree because they think what you write is wrong.

gamerdude113359d ago

Here are the non-GAAP numbers. It is a better reflection of each platform's performance.

Wii 184
360 136
PS3 99
PS2 20

morganfell3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Hipocrisy? Looks like somebody was "cool" caring about sales figures before ultimolu.

And there are plenty more examples.

gamesR4fun3359d ago

the ps3 cant play hacked games?

anh_duong3359d ago

actually the reason is not just the number of games sold but the average selling price of the games.

in the USA, where xbox is more dominant, the average ea game sells for a lot less dollar than in europe where the ps3 is more dominant.. and even though the xbox is dominant in the uk, the average selling price of ea games in the uk is very low (in dollar terms).. also in europe and middle-east - especially southern europe, software piracy is quite rampant.. software piracy affects the xbox more in these regions (i.e. middle-east) which traditionally sell games at a very high price..

furthermore, the average dollar price of a game in japan is quite a lot compared to the USA - another region where the ps3 is dominant.

so even though ps3 might sell fewer games it actually generates more revenue per game sold.

it's all about the revenue/game that is responsible for a lot of the discrepency.

indysurfn3359d ago

wow PS3 has about 40% less installed base but sold more for EA. That is great. Lets not get too excited because, it is not the rule but the exception. Wonder which games put them over the top? There is a known fact that there are more children on the xb0x360, and children play outside more, and the fact there is summer school break, so there should be a drop. That being said I bet EA had more adult games to appeal more to PS3 owners because ps3 has the oldest crowd. I hope it has nothing to do with the fact that EA lost the lead as the biggest 3rd party publisher. But I brush it off until I see it happen in one of the big quarters. If it happens in the fourth quarter, this will cause things to change especially with a price drop coming. And a slim, you can have gow3, and gt5, and even uncharted as long as I get a ARC the LAD! Or one of Sony,s other turn based rpg's.

NeoCloud3359d ago

Piracy is One of the Reasons but its not the only reason, I think Fifa could one of the reasons, Its really popular in Europe, especially on the Playstation.

Greywulf3359d ago

The rest of us.. *yawn*


IdleLeeSiuLung3359d ago

To add to his statement which I agree, the strongest regions for Playstation is also the regions (Europe and Japan) where Sony can charge more money for each game due to currency and higher operating cost.

Every month we consistently see that NPD numbers show that 360 outsell the PS3 almost always in games. Unfortunately we don't get these numbers for Europe so it is hard to tell.

Another thing I noticed is that PS3 games tend to not fall in price as fast as 360 games. I almost always find the 360 version on sale before the PS3 version. I think there is a lot more competition on the 360.

Blaze9293359d ago

It's like this all the time. This quarter we have NCAA Football, NBA Live, NCAA Basketball and Madden NFL 09. Now watch the Xbox 360 come back right on top. It's like this all the time with EA; when a FIFA game etc comes out PS3 slams on top again.

killersmoke3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Maybe cause xbox owner can't stand EA, I can't stand EA, atleast there sport games and won't buy them new.

EA's only games that are good are companies they bought and are using to actually make something other than sh-t.

IaMs123359d ago

Also take in consideration the underlying facts. MS may have a different deal with those companies. Example, im not saying this is how it really is this is just an example, im not sure how they really do it but anyways. Whenever somebody buy a game for the PS3 sony may get say 55% of the price on it and then the Publisher gets the rest. Now MS may have a deal that they get 66% of each game instead. In the end the publisher is getting a bigger slice of the pie with Sony then MS.\

Thats my theory, correct me if im wrong :)

Ive come to not believe numbers and not to live by them. Who cares if Xbox is outselling PS3 or PS3 is outselling Xbox i really dont. Just bring me the games ive come to love and play and im all for it :)

DG3359d ago

Well considering you take the quarter of the year when no big releases are made what else were you expecting. How about using the 2nd 3rd or 4th quarter when all the big sports titles come out and not to mention the holiday rush. But glad Ps3 is making some money and catching up.

Nineball21123359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

It's great the EA is getting some major sales numbers from ALL the platforms, eh?

cmrbe3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

1. NA is not the world. Shocking!!!.

2. EA is a well know brand to the PS fanbase. If you guys see Burnout, FNR4 etc they all preform well on the PS3 despite having a smaller installbase. FNR4 for example last NDP showed that the PS3 version trailed the x360 version by just 10k if i remember correctly despite the fact that there are 7 million more x360 in NA. In Europe i am sure the PS3 version preforms much better.

3. EA games have been quality lately, PS fans buy quality.

4. Piracy on the x360.

5. PS3 gamers buy more games and not just movies. Shocking!! lol.

For those that are using the FIFA excuse. Didn't MS said they are ahead in Europe as well?.

The xbox brand still has a long way to go. Their strength still revolves around shooter based games and the western market. Its still has a long way to go to achieve the level of success the PS brand have achieved in terms of attracting varied gamers from different regions with different gaming taste which has always been one of the PS brands greatest strength. It's why no PS game ever sold to 50% of the PS fanbase and why we see varied games from racing to 3rd action to JRPG's to Kareoke games lol! all doing 5 million plus numbers.

Kleptic3359d ago

I know the Acti CEO comments were retarded...but it doesn't matter...EA's PS3 performance illustrates just how powerful the PS brand still is...

and either way...the PS3 IS getting a price cut sooner rather than later...then this will really heat up...if Sony can get a ps3 under the $300 barrier by the end of the year, things are going to nothing but swing in Sony's favor for a long while...let alone if games like GT5 really do make it this year...

but PS3 slim at $100 less than available sku's now...with Uncharted 2, modern warfare 2, and the potential of a GT juggernaut all falling this year...that may finally be the end of ignorant 'its cool to hate the PS3' articles still popping up weekly...

DaTruth3359d ago

Only reason I care about these numbers and all sales numbers, is so I know my console will continue to have the support of devs and pubs! So these numbers are great and since the PS3 has sold more consoles in 2 yrs than XBOX1 and GC sold in their lifetimes , plus these companies keep reporting more revenue from PS3, I know the support will continue.

So, I guess I will never have to visit sales articles again! Lucky me!

P.S. I will also check to see how the Slim is doing(if it exists) and to see what effect the price cut will have!

akpenob3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

I Think you are looking at the wrong numbers, because the ps3 is ahead in revenue in FY09 and FY10

take a look again...

FY09 197 Millions
FY10 121

Xbox 360
FY09 132 Millions
FY10 73

Rampant3358d ago

So Activision is EA now?

The Lazy One3358d ago

no. he said non-GAAP.

It's a section down and it's exactly the way he said it. I don't really care to look at what they do to make it not qualify as GAAP, but his numbers are correct for what he said they were.

JokesOnYou3358d ago (Edited 3358d ago )

I just think it has alot to do with the games themselves. Either way I'm surprised, I would of thought 360 easily would have earned more for EA than ps3. Sure would like to see a breakdown of the top titles. Also I'm sure Euro helps recover some ground but 360 often does better in the UK which is the individual largest Euro market. This is good news for sony selling more games for EA.


The Lazy One3358d ago

I really wish they broke down better. At the end they show the releases they had, and the best one was Fight night round 4, and the sales aren't that different globally.

All their other games were pretty crap for sales and sold similarly too.

mynd3358d ago

Good lord, people cant even read a reporrt correctly.
The Xbox360 made significantly more for EA, its under deffered revenue section.
They just havent been paid out for it yet.

Snyph3r3358d ago

Most friends I know doesn't buy the games for XBOX360...there is this thing called PIRACY!

AAACE53358d ago

Now I hope all those people who kept saying EA made crappy games will keep this mouth shut!

ikkokucrisis3358d ago

X = 31.46M total Xbox 360's sold

Y = working Xbox 360's = X - X/3 = 20.97M

Z = 23M total PS3's sold

Since Z > Y, and the profit margin is directly proportional to the amount of consoles still working, the PS3 sold more games this past quarter.

There, was that so hard?

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xztence3359d ago

who's gonna spin this one around.

Kill Crow3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

but, does the metric exist of how many actual games sold by each platform as apposed to the revenue ...

i.e. did PS3 make MORE revenue from less games sold, OR did it also sell more games?

that's a question you can't disagree dammit !!!!

lol , can anyone answer the question or you just disagree coz you're a homo?

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3359d ago

...i must order more Body-bags off Amazon later for the MASS-ChatBot Zombie Lemming Suicides that are coming!!! ;-D

Because we all know 'Them Red-Neck-Chav-Bots love them Sales'!!! ;-D

+ ALL 'EA' Games look better on the PS3 to;) + FREE On-line Play!!! ;)

El Botto3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

translate into higher sales.

"but, but, but 360 install base is still 7 million larger"

That is why I stated on multiple occasion that the RROD60s install base is INFLATED and the reality is that RROD60 is just a FEW million ahead of the PS3.

Furthermore, xbots dont have unlimited funds. And even though many xbots claim they buy more games, eventually they are just like wii and PS3 gamers: meaning they have LIMITED funds so they can only chose soo many games.

This theory simply means the following: if game X is bought by an xbot, game Y is automatically left untouched in the stores by the same xbot. Because xbot only has enough dough to buy one game.

Kill Crow3359d ago

you cna't have it both ways?

It's well known the Xbox has high attach rates. But you guys keep saying that the xbox 360 hardware sales are inflated because of RROD. But if that were the case the attach rate would actually be HUGE. if as you say thousands of people are buying multiple 360's because of RROD then it doesn't logically follow that they're ALSO buying more games for each new console does it.

So which is it?

RROD means Less hardware sales in rality but MONSTER attach rate - at least a thrid bigger than what currently reported


Hardware sales don't include RROD and xbox attach rate only marginially higher than PS3?


El Botto3359d ago

Ladies and gentlemen, xbox stupidity shown right here!

Hey retard, do you buy a new copy of your existing games everytime your xbox dies?

In the wise words of Nelson: HA HAA!!

ThatCanadianGuy3359d ago

"Wii - $161m
PS3 - $121m
360 - $73m "

I think the bots better shut the f*ck up from now on.
It seems almost every major publisher is making more money from PS3 than 360.

Even with less consoles on the market.LOL!
Oh the shame..i would leave N4G for good if i was a 360 fanboy.

3359d ago

People buys the big ol BOT to pirate games .....A lot of foreigners and people here do that because there broke so they don't have the mula to buy them . The ol bot is a piece of crrrrr*p

JasonPC360PS3Wii3359d ago

Oh WOW! droids are "playing sales" I think I will bookmark this page and use it next time a droid hypocrite says "we don't play sales" these comments are pure gold for future pwning.

WildArmed3359d ago

well atleast they aint defending crappy games with 'OMGZ it sold 5.5mil games!~ its the bestest game around"

cryymoar3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

And that is what i have been saying all of this time too.
Those RRoD units CAN'T play games, that's why games like Resident evil 5 sold closer to 50-50 than the 65-35 it is supposed to.

@ Jason360
Well now the "droids" can play both sales AND games.
and you can play, uhm, what can you play? oh, SUPERIOR ONLINE!!! (AKA Cross-game chat/invite)

AngryTypingGuy3359d ago

Very true Jason 360, very true. They're hypocrites. Sales aren't important only when the 360 wins at something. I guess that means only EA's sales are important, right guys?

el zorro3358d ago

The extreme ps3 fanboys on this site are some of the biggest hypocrites ever. Sales don't matter, only when the PS3 is losing.

It's all "we don't play sales" ..until the ps3 generates a little more net revenue for one publisher and then it is suddenly "look how mighty the ps3 is".

juicyjuice3358d ago

@1 - I will see your LOL and raise you a LMFAO


insomnium3358d ago

The PS3 almost doubled the x360 and you say "a little more"

JonnyBadfinger3358d ago

Well i dont buy EA games so maybe its my fault. i have 2 EA games out of my 20 games Bad Company and Burnout Paradise. Dont like the sport games that EA produce, simply because its all American sports that have no relevance here in australia.

PS3 owners need all the games they can get, especially with the lack of first party exclusives......... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!



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Marty83703359d ago

PS3 out performs 360 for other publishers as well. It's a known fact.

ThatCanadianGuy3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

True, 100% fact.

Lou-Cipher3359d ago

Be nice guys

You remember how we felt when FF13 was announced as a multiplatform game, Well we just stole their favorite exclusive, you know that wonderful game called: SALES.

Now we get to play that AAAA exclusive game called SALES, and its not even a multiplat, it is 100% ONLY ON PS3. (not even a timed exclusive, OUCH)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3358d ago

No it isn't EA is the only one, you did have UBI but anymore... you just have one.

harpua3358d ago

"No it isn't EA is the only one, you did have UBI but anymore... you just have one. "

Am I the only one who can't understand a thing he is saying?

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PotNoodle3359d ago

I don't really think it is pirating that is effecting it as much, just that the PS3 is making up its software sales in europe.

It may seem surprising to us, but that is only because we see the US numbers - where the 360 holds the higher position. I'm sure if we saw the european software sales just like we see the US, then it wouldn't see as surprising.