Upgraded PSN Service and 90 Day Warranty Extension

Via "I received an email this morning from Playstation Asia. I have copy and pasted it below so you can all read for yourselves. Not sure if this annoucement also applies to other regions. Hopefully it does because this sounds like something to look forward to."

"Dear PlayStation®Network Member,

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited shall launch a new upgraded PlayStation®Network Membership service on 18th August, 2009.Now you can enjoy more value-added services such as online gaming, PlayStation®Home and exclusive membership offers.

Login the PlayStation®Network's "My Page", you can quickly and easily check your trophy lists and friend list with your PC. What's More! You can also get 90-day free warranty extension* by registering your purchased products* in your PlayStation®Network account. Don't miss it.

Sign in the below page with your PlayStation®Network account and register your PlayStation® consoles.
(this link will be effective from 18th August, 2009)

For any enquiry, please call the Customer Service Center
Service hour:Mon – Sun: 9am – 8 pm
Hong Kong : 852-2341-2356

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited

* Only available on in-warranty official PLAYSTATION®3, PSP®(PlayStation®Portable) and PlayStation®2 consoles. "

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lloyd_wonder3386d ago

"Membership service"

dun dun dun

MGOelite3386d ago

anyone who has signed up so far for psn is part of a "membership service"

RockmanII73385d ago

"You can also get 90-day FREE warranty extension." Guess PSN will start costing money now. Shame, I was thinking of getting a PS3 mainly because online was free.

Biggunz3385d ago

All of this is already available, except the warranty, on the NA Playstation site.

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doctorstrange3386d ago

another thing coming on the 18th, better not cost anything

Press_Agree3386d ago

wow, keep it coming Sony!

Syronicus3386d ago

Wow, Sony is planning on steam rolling this holiday season.

Trollimite3386d ago

so you can pay 50 dollars a year and have access to download ANY AND EVERYTHING off of the psn!

if they do that, id pay 100 dollars a year!

himdeel3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Didn't they add video service to US PSN during a press conference last year or something? I don't remember how long the video service has been around, just seems like it's always been there.

EDIT: Just wikied PSN, the video section was accessible in 2008 but on wiki it says the service will at least be available in SCEE territories by fall 2009. They could be expaning video to all areas.

phosphor1123386d ago

I'll eat babies I'll be so mad.

GameForFame3386d ago

That is NOT what is going to happen. lol

Masta_fro3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

sony announced it was working to completely revamp the PSN a few weeks ago...

The announcement was also tied to the supposed F.W. update 3.0 wich will supposively be "a completely new experience" and would "significantly improve on the XMB user experience".

So let me break it down as the constant sony info gatherer i seem to be...

August 18th, apparently a pretty big date for sony..
*PS3 price drop rumor (Almost Certain)
*New PS3 Slim intro (Likely, not to sure) TGS!
*New PSN Store announcement (fully fledged or at least new feature) (Very likely)
*Edit: PSN cloud will very possibly take up most of the show*
*Firmware 3.0??? (Would be awesome...but very unlikely, expect it to ship with ps3 slim)

Heres my take...

I absolutely would love to see a slim, but first...
Sony will discontinue 160gb ps3, or will at least change bundle drop price to 399....
New slim will have 120gb hard drive
Price of 80gb ps3...299
Price of ps3 slim...349
While supplies last Ps3 160gb will be bundled with Resistance 2, Madden 2010, or Killzone 2 for 399-449...
F.W. 3.0 will be released 2 or 3 days before or on the date ps3 slim is released (not announced)
Uncharted 2 will make me loose girlfriend.

There is also the possibility that 80gb wil be dicontinued instead of the 160gb ps3...Making ps3 80gb 299 until all remaining supply has been sold, which sony will then cut ps3 slim price to 299 and 160gb ps3 price to 399 with game or games* of course... I believe this to be the best way to go for sony.

deadreckoning6663386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

Hope Sony improves their network sooner than later. Its only a matter of time before its up there with XBL!

DaTruth3385d ago

You sound like Hip-hop gamer!

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krackchap3386d ago

playstation cloud cometh!

Milky3386d ago

All of that is still speculation. I just don't want anyone to get there hopes up only to be extremely dissapointed.

StalkingSilence3385d ago

PlayStation Network already uses cloud computing (essentially the server structure by which they are distributing content). I hope PS Cloud is something different, if it is anything.

-Mezzo-3386d ago

Sony on a roll ain't it/

xztence3386d ago

Now they just need to get a marketing campaign going (which im sure they will do) and its alll good.

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