Top 10 Games In 2009…..So Far

PLaystationThEvolution: Looking back over the year there has been a wealth of great titles that have offered great experiences and in many ways some of these games are making a great argument for Game Of The Year, of course we will digress from that discussion as it is too early to travel down that road as many contenders for that title are just around the corner. Nevertheless, there has been some amazing standout title across different platforms in 2009 and we want to make mention of the top 10 games which have released this year.

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pure pwnage243361d ago

3 great exclsuive PS3 games on the top 10, and 3 more to go to release this year, not to mention MAG if it releases cause that would make it 4

not only is it gonna get passed the 360 in sales when the slim is released, the PS3 is just churning out exclusives while the bots are playing Counting Beans 640p and looking for there Halo Wars stats :P