Pitchford: PC Borderlands "destroys console versions in terms of image fidelity"

Don't mince those words, Randy Pitchford, Gearbox super-honcho. Want to know what Borderlands version to get if you want it looking at its best? PC. It "destroys" the 360 and PS3 versions visually.

"The PC version destroys all the console versions in terms of the image fidelity – assuming you have the hardware for it," he told RPS.

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xztence3359d ago

Well, that should be obvious.

morganfell3359d ago

Considering their last game didn't exactly look stunning. Now they are working on 4 games on 3 platforms at one time. How much attention is each project getting?

nycredude3359d ago

Considering that a high end pc is likely 4-6 times more money than consoles these days then the resolution should be 9600 x 5400 on PC right?! Wow that really is blowing it away! Wait... sorry. another BS article hyping up their game...

Pizzagaki3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Err, why would the res be 9600 ?
what use would that be, displays dont even have enough pixels to display such a resolution.

What makes the pc version better, is better shading, lighting, reflection, drawing distance etch etch.

*blows whistle*

ahem, YOU ARE A NOOB!!!!!

Bnet3433359d ago

How much does the graphics card in the computer cost though? :/

Perjoss3359d ago

about the same price as a games console for an average one, double if you are talking about top of the range

Pandamobile3359d ago

A 4870 costs about $150 and has 2-3 times more power than the GPU inside the PS3 or 360.

Raf1k13359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Damn. I was going to reply with something similar but saw Pandamobile had already said it.

edit: It'll run fine on my GeForce 7900 as does Crysis on medium with no AA but apparently according to some it's been obsolete since a few months after I got it.

edit2: I want to replace it but I'm waiting for the DX11 cards.

Tony P3359d ago

Of course he's right. 10 times out of 10 the PC version will be capable of better visuals... But uh, such a thing as being too blunt maybe?

You still want to sell your game on console, right? I wouldn't exactly highlight the drawbacks if you know what I mean.

sukru3359d ago

"A 4870 costs about $150 and has 2-3 times more power than the GPU inside the PS3 or 360."

Actually 4870 packs 2-3 times more power than the CPU+GPU of those consoles (in terms of raw power).

A nice comparison for [email protected] is at . It could be a good benchmark, since they optimize their real life number crunching algorithm on all platforms. In the client statistics, even an "average" of ATI or nVidia cards are faster than the consoles.

raztad3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Well I dont know. My PC can run any game at medium settings and they look quite acceptable. I dont want to upgrade just to make sure I'm getting the absolute best visuals, so unless they are doing a bad job with the PS3 version I'll stick with it.


Are you sure about gpu+cpu? The cell pack a lot of raw power, I mean a lot. Besides, GPU raw power is just floating point calculations that is why they are so fast. GPUs are useless for AI calculations, and other non-graphic stuff.

sukru3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Yes, as far as I know, it should be "theoretically" faster than the Cell CPU + PS3 GPU.

But only for mass number crunching. Not general purpose operations.

Edit: GPU can be used for "other stuff" too. For example nVidia runs PhysX accelerator in GPU shaders. Also there are "stream processing" libraries ( which makes programming them easier.

Tehdaza3359d ago

GPU's since Nvidia's 8xxx series have started to move towards being GPGPU's (General purpose graphic processing units). They're good for almost anything now. AI, video encoding, physics calculations, raw calculations for things like Folding @ Home.

A $150 PC graphics card has more power than the PS3 itself. It's hard for console guys to comprehend, but it's true.

Edit: Damn, ninja'd by Sukru :P

sukru3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

While I find the power of the GPU fascinating (having a good one myself), I know it cannot replace PS3 (or 360 in that manner).

Edit: removed technical stuff

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ikiru33853359d ago

in other news....the sky is blue and the world is round.

iceman29293359d ago

Actualllllly i believe the world is more of an oblong-esque shape.

Ellessdee3359d ago

more like a cyclic polygon. gotta take into account all them mountains and sh*t.

yess3359d ago

All of you have only seen the world on pictures,and they are all fake.The world is flat, with a little curve;-)

iceman29293359d ago

and this, my friends , is why i love N4G. When the fanboyism is nowhere to be found, it can be quite the pleasurable experience. bubbles for ALL!!!!!

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divideby03359d ago

another cluess senstationiast author seeking headlines of a net article.
dugh...hey I am a black belt and can own all the white belts in my class

-Mezzo-3359d ago

Was saying this necessary, wouldn't this effect sales. i can bet that in about a week he will try to clarify himself.

Pandamobile3359d ago

How would this affect sales? Everyone knows the PC versions of multiplatform games look WAY better than the console versions.

Raf1k13359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

I think what he means is if this guy says it's much better on PC people might buy it for PC instead of console which doesn't affect overall sales but does for each individual platform.

Edit: @Pandamobile. Your bubbles seem to have disappeared. Here have one on me.
Edit2: lol something wrong with this sight. It keeps doing weird things. Is it Firefox or the site?

Ares84HU3359d ago

It does effect sales when people know that the games developer doesn't give a rats ass about your console of choice.

This has made me stop getting the game because I rather give my money to people who actually care about their consumers. Example: ND

Pandamobile3359d ago

Who's to say that Gearbox doesn't care about their console audience?

Just because they said that the PC version will look a lot better than the console version doesn't mean the console versions will be bad.

evrfighter3359d ago

why would they care if more people bought it on the pc? everyone already knows console gamers will pay for mediocrity and DLC to begin with. It's the pc crowd who need to be sold on multiplats.

All in all it's not a bad move.

raztad3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )


Not agree. I'm worried about this game. Probably they are making a pretty bad job on consoles. At the end borderland will end up overlooked for potential console costumers.

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asyouburn3359d ago

the speed of a car is said to "destroy" the speed of a go kart. . .

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