PSP: Predicting the Hits and Flops of Holiday 2009

For the first time ever, there will be literally too many games to play on the PSP this holiday season. Sony is peppering the launch of its new premium PSP Go device with a tempting array of handheld versions of top-quality franchises. Interestingly, Sony and third-party publishers have attempted to take risk out of the equation by relying only on longstanding, tested properties. But just because a game is based on a successful series, doesn't mean it will be a surefire hit.

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clinker3386d ago

I definitely think that Assassin's Creed PSP could turn out to be disappointing. The console game upon which it was based had its fair share of problems. Also, in the trailer I have seen, the PSP game looks like it focuses more on combat rather than stealth.

mastiffchild3386d ago

IMO the first PS360 AC game would have been MUCH better suited to PSP in the first place. At home on PS3 you game when you have the time to get into it(esp with a SP like AC was)and the formula got old and repetitive real fast which has led to the new PS360 game being more action and and less research based.

The way the first game panned out would've been great for the typically short on and off periods of play most people get on their handhelds and the waythey're aupposedly making Bloodlines will be even easier to drop in and out of-I'd definitely have enjoyed the first game better in sort, less repetitive doses and I'm sure I'm not alone.

In fact til I see more of how AC2 on PS360 is looking I'm hedging more towards the PSP game this time.

BTW, can't believe another site is bleating about Koj's cutscenes-they were as long as they were for MGS4(still the best game this gen for me-and by a good way)as there were so many things to tie up(which he did really well, imo)and PW won't need nearly as much exposition. We all know Koj can get a bit ripe on the dialogie fromt but that's half the attraction in MGS games-the qualit of storytelling is without equal in gaming and he's learning all the time, even now.

When you add in all the jrpgs(and crossovers like Dissidia)my issue is there may well be far too much on offer for games outside the vast MGS/GT franchises to really get sales going and a few will surely end up slowburners. Great stuff for us PSP owners in any case even if not all of us seem bothered about getting a Go.

-Mezzo-3386d ago

i think Assassins creed will work, i hope it does.

Hercules3386d ago

i think it should be amazing, dont think the hannah montana psp will sell though, sony should know better, nintendo can get away with it, but not sony, how you gonna have Bloodlines, Star Wars, GoW being played on a pink/purple psp? it dont make sense

raztad3386d ago

I just want all those games be good. I want them all. I didnt know PeaceWalker was a 2009 release, I'm so bying it, AC:Bloodlines is a 2010 by for me. J&D is a must buy, I just need to find a decent spot among all the PS3 games. Sh*t! I need more money.

mistajeff3386d ago

I'm pretty sure Peace Walker is 2010. This is the only site I've seen that has it posted for this year, and the E3 trailer said "2010" at the end. And yeah, I'm going SO broke this holiday. I'm pretty much thankful that so many games got pushed into next year, it'll give my wallet some time to recuperate. Though with all those PC games coming out in early 2010 I'll need to do some upgrading as well, so that'll knock a pretty penny out of me..

Saaking3386d ago

Wow, PSP has a better lineup than the 360 this year. GT PSP will destroy Flopza 3

clinker3386d ago

You have a point, it is quite strange that the PSP has a better lineup han the Flopstation 3.


Taarec10ToTheEnd3386d ago

Flopstation 3? Check it!

Uncharted 2 Among Thieves
Ratchet and Clank AciT
Demon Souls
Gran Turismo 5

And we can also buy the great multiplats too, like Brutal Legends, Borderlands, Mordern Warfare 2 and Assassins Creed.

You are stuck with an Halo 3 expansion and a wannabe Gran Turismo 5. And all the other games like L4D2 are on PC.
You have just been owned.

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