VideoGamer: Resonance of Fate Interview

VideoGamer: "At SEGA's recent Summer Sizzler showcase event in London, it took the lid off upcoming role-playing game Resonance of Fate. Developed by tri-Ace, the team behind the Square Enix-published Star Ocean series and Infinite Undiscovery, the game is intended to appeal to westerners just as much as Japanese gamers. After a live gameplay demonstration, impressions of which you can find here, we sat down with SEGA Europe's localisation producer Jun Yoshino, who's in charge of making sure westerners like you and me enjoy the game when it eventually comes out, to get more detail on this promising gun-toting steampunk adventure."

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Lifewish3452d ago

Now this is a real interview, not that HHG crap that was posted earlier. Thanks a ton for the interview