Gamezine: What franchise is Capcom visiting next?

GZ: Capcom continues the teasing with a new game sequel that will apparently blow our minds.

Capcom likes to tease, they've done it before and they'll do it again. This time the teasing comes from Twitter:

"In five , we're having a meeting to discuss a new game sequel that will BLOW YOUR MIND when you find out about it... much, much later."

Much, much later isn't too promising, but the question is what Capcom franchise are they bringing a sequel to? Here's our list of Capcom franchises that we'd either like to see a sequel from or that Capcom is likely to dabble in.

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techie3387d ago

Yes please! Loved that game

mastiffchild3387d ago

I can't see it being Duck Tales if I'm honest as only a small percentage of us woud have much of a clue about it these days, sadly.

I'd like to see it, mind, or a REAL DC3 or new Oni game. Must say after seeing what they've done with MH3 and LP2 so far that a Dino Crisis game could really look the mutts nuts this gen.

techie3387d ago

Is Duck Tales owned by Disney?

PirateThom3387d ago

It is.

Capcom had the Disney licence for years and made a ton of great games with it.

Hopefully, they can do a Marvel vs Capcom and get permission to re-publish DuckTales and DuckTales 2 with an HD filter or something.

techie3387d ago

I dont think Disney will go back to Capcom - they're making their own games now.

gaffyh3387d ago

Let's just hope it's Onimusha finally. That is probably one of Capcom's best IPs and they are yet to make a next gen version of that game...sigh...

morkendo3387d ago


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Myst3387d ago

Power stone 3 please?

MrChow6663387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

a hack & slash Strider game would be awesome or any game within that franchise

techie3387d ago

STRIDER! :O DuckTales! :O Viewtiful Joe? hm

Keowrath3387d ago

Onimusha, Strider, Ghosts n Goblins... Black Tiger? =)

Keowrath3387d ago

Black Tiger is an OLD side scrolling platformer. I used to love it as a kid. Many a 10p spent =)

techie3387d ago

Hm interesting. I could see an XBL/PSN release. But we really need Mega Man don't we!?

Keowrath3387d ago

I dunno... I thought I was a pretty hard-core gamer. Completed the original DMC on DMD mode, NG Black on Master Ninja mode, Shinobi on PS2, Super ghouls and Ghosts on SNES...

I played the demo of megaman that was on the PSN a little while ago. Couldn't get past the first level LOL!

techie3387d ago

Obviously, as is common with'd be softened and the controls will be easier. I expect.

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The story is too old to be commented.