N4G And Destructoid Users Don't Mind Raping Women In Games

William Usher: "The surprising turn of the matter, however, is that many of the users at Destructoid and N4G actually condone raping of women in video games, going as far as defending why the games should exist, be sold and actually cater to an audience. As horrible as that sounds there is no way to better state this scenario other than that each and every one of them supporting such a deplorable act is a misogynist (at the least) and truly must hate women."

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gambare3360d ago (Edited 3360d ago )

"many of the users at Destructoid and N4G actually condone raping of women in video games, going as far as defending why the games should exist"

Because it's fantasy... how many times a male mature gamer has raped Cammy, Lara croft or even Kasugano Sakura in their minds? as long it's fantasy there is no real problem. Fantasy is a way to liberate the stress of someone, that's why we play (create) games.

RememberThe3573359d ago

Like being a f*cking man and dealing with it. Go work out, have some CONSENSUAL sex, meditate, write, but feeling like you need to control a woman's body for your own pleasure is not being a man.

This isn't even about the woman now, it's about the person having these thoughts. They need to stop beating themselves up, take control of themselves, and evaluate why they are having these thought. They need to recognize that thoughts of brutality are not OK(in any form) and they need to figure out the root of these thoughts. They need fix the issues that are weighing on them so that they can become better people. Not for anyone else, but for themselves.

These thoughts of being powerless are the same thoughts that drive people to mass killings like the one just yesterday. Kill those thoughts and make your self better.

TheAntiFanboy3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Well if rape is bad, so is murder. Look at how much that happens in our games, and we don't even give it a second thought. Some games even glorify murder in some of the most gruesomely sadistic ways imaginable; you carve people apart using chainsaws in Gears of War, the entire concept of killing people is a gameshow in MadWorld, Killzone 2 has like over a hundred different death animations, ragdolls in Grand Theft Auto are painfully realistic, and the biggest selling point of Mercenaries 2 revolves around the joy of leveling huge buildings and structures with as high an explosive yield as possible.

And yet, you, I, and everyone else on this website plays these games without a second thought. Why? BECAUSE IT'S NOT REAL MURDER. It's a video game. It's fake, it's false, it's fantasy. We're consciously committing the worst of human atrocities, knowingly taking the life of someone else, in a virtual world that doesn't even exist. And we all agree this is perfectly fine, BECAUSE it's a virtual fantasy. So why not rape? It's simply another crime of a very similar magnitude.

If you're gonna tell me that this game needs to be censored because of rape, then you're gonna also have to tell me that every game that involves killing someone will also need to be censored. Because murder is as bad a crime as rape, if not substantially worse.

And if anyone's curious, no. I don't approve of this game. In my personal opinion, it's nasty, and I will never go near it in my life. But my argument still stands. Even if in my eyes there's no justifiable excuse for me to enjoy playing this game, it's still a video game, and thus must be judged equally among other games. I'm simply being fair and just.

I also recognize the potential for people to start going on censorship sprees. Once activists realize that they can get this game off shelves, they'll start shooting higher. "We got Rapelay banned! It's possible to ban games! So now let's aim for Grand Theft Auto! And Gears of War! And Call of Duty! Soon, nothing but Sims 3, Hello Kitty, and Cooking Mama will dominate store shelves, and anyone who owns any game that involves the slaying of human beings will be put in prison!" It becomes that much more likely for them to knock games off shelves, and without enough opposition, the effect snowballs for the entire gaming industry.

Jinxstar3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Truth is as long as Rape is in movies and books and comics there is no reason for it not to be in a videogame. So long as(Well I feel anyway and this is just my opinion) that there is a point to it story wise or similarly and it's rated M or AO(Depending on how graphic it is). It is an adult theme and there is no reason for it not to be in there as long as it's rated as such. Is the subject that Taboo. What happens if in GTA you walk in on some dude raping some chick and you kill him and help her... I see no problem with that myself but whatever.

I think a rape simulator is bad but at the same time... I can't judge some other culture based on their upbringing... Tons of Anime has rape in it and no one complains about that... If some culture was raised to "Eat the flesh of your enemy to know their soul better" they would be shunned by most of the world because of how "Wrong" it is... It's still not my culture to judge and I wont do either of those things but putting it in a book or movie or TV show is ok but when it's a game "Oh no N4G is the devil and destructiod is right there with them"... Rate it accordingly and have equal standards.

"it's corrupting our childrens minds" You know the parents that say that. We all do. you know their parents said the same about TV, Their parents said the same about comics, Their parents the same about moving pictures, Their parents the same about Radio, Their parents the same about crime novels.... It goes back long into history of product control. I feel some people are just born evil. They will figure out how to do evil on their own... Kids will get a hold of M rated stuff. I used to have playboys, Smokes and Vodka all in my room when I was 15 and I was banging the skankiest chicks in school. now I am a firefighter to my community and serve the people. I was in the Army and deployed and feel I have become a pretty good person. Point being there is no reason to not go over every aspect of our society. Why not have a game where you get to be the villan. Why not have a game where you seek true justice. I mean the theme or rape was in Watchmen and I didn't see communities all up in arms about it.... Get over it and accept it.

Timesplitter143359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

EDIT : The whole debate comes down to this : Censorship V.S. Non-Censorship. The big majority of us don't support rape. That's for sure. But some of us, like me, don't want a society full of weaklings who can't face reality and can't think by themselves. We want the power to choose and we refuse to be over-protected like babies.


Killing is worse or at the very least as bad as rape, therefore they must also be against games involving killing or else they don't make any sense.

Also, it's people's responsibility to choose. This is the kind of person who takes this matter too personally and tries to twist what we are saying to make us look bad. We're not saying this game is awwwwright or anything. We're just saying that we are against censorship and WE are responsible for our actions.

Rapists will use their imagination even if the game doesn't come out. Children use their imagination for their porn needs even if they don't have access to porn. There's nothing you can do about it.

Your best bet is to declare that all rapists will suffer divine motherf****** punishment and that they will be tortured by 12 miggets with plasma torches until they drown in their own body fluids. That's it. Do rapists deserve life? Nope. Call The Fist of the North Star to annihilate these guys.

Cold 20003359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

I personally cant believe that some people can actually defend such games like Gambare for example and its even scarier to see that people actually agree with him. I just imagine some sick pervert behind his PC clicking the "agree" button while looking forward to RAPING people in in his next RAPE simulator

How sick in yr mind can you get ??? RAPE games ??? And you justify that by "its fantasy" ??

I know you going to come back with the "bu...bu...what about games where u murder people". Well simply put it back in the context, playing Gears, Infamous or GTA simply IS NOT the same thing and you know it. Thats why Im against games like Manhunt too because it simply crosses the limit. And you know a game like Splinter Cell where you kill people is simply NOT the same thing like a game like Manhunt where you kill people too.

I mean what the hell !!!??? Defending RAPE games ????


I bet my post will be deleted but I had to say it. You guys are freaking sick in your minds.

Timesplitter143359d ago

Playing GTA IS the same thing.

You kill innocents. It's just in your head because you got used to it.

Information Minister3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

It's not the raping of women that is at stake here. It is the idiocy of banning one form of violence while ignoring other (arguably even more shocking) forms of violence in games. It is the hypocrisy of submitting videogames to a censorship not found in other mediums.

Users in N4G and Destructoid are not condoning rape, they are defending freedom in videogames.

Tony P3359d ago

So what's worse? People that can have an intelligent discussion about fictionalized crime in games or sensationalist sites that profit off of dragging the same subject through the mud for hits?

I don't think I or the many users of N4G, fanboys, gamer, or other have to justify ourselves against the ignorant generalization made by this site. I'm done with this trash. I've got real articles to read.

Timesplitter143359d ago

The people you kill in GTA are, most of the time, completely innoffensive civilians.

Don't even TRY to tell me you've never done it. We've all done it, because it's not for real.

cyguration3359d ago

Honestly you never played GTA...

Only people who never played the game say "You kill innocent people" Dude, sometimes innocent people get killed because of the slippery car controls or accidental shootings but the game IS NOT about killing innocent people.

You have a choice in GTA and people seem to ignore the HUGE difference between choosing to do other things in GTA (being a taxi driver, vigilante, etc.,) and killing innocent people because you're sick. In Rape simulators you don't have any other choice in the game (or objective) but to rape. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE.

Stop comparing the two, they are different because of the choices.

dragunrising3359d ago

"how many times a male mature gamer has raped Cammy, Lara croft or even Kasugano Sakura in their minds?"

Actually, I've never raped anyone in my mind. Its OK to have a fantasy however rape should not be one of them. Rape is NOT consensual. Why would anyone get off at hurting another person? If you care about anyone but yourself, you should not condone or view such material.

Arguably murder is worse than rape, however no matter how much people argue, rape can NEVER be justified. Rape victims are ALWAYS victims and NEVER aggressors. In shooter/killing games your always fighting the bad guys or aggressors; it may be justified on this basis.

Rape games are nothing more than simulations of the actual thing. If you buy and enjoy these types of games your name should be on the sex offenders list. If games are to blame for anything perhaps a case could be made to link pedophiles and rapists.

Would be rapists out there- ask yourself if 15 to life is worth it.

Cold 20003359d ago

Glad to see that theres some people who arent sick in their minds on N4G.

gambare3359d ago

"1.1 - There are better, more productive, ways to deal with stress.
Like being a f*cking man and dealing with it. Go work out, have some CONSENSUAL sex, meditate, write, but feeling like you need to control a woman's body for your own pleasure is not being a man."

Yes, I agree at 100% with you but... What healthy man didn't had a sexual fantasy about his favorite character real or virtual? yes, NOTHING replace the experience of a healthy relation without any kind of deviant, but ANY man has a fantasy in his mind, and bringing those fantasies to real life can be a problem... but bringing then to a virtual environment where no one is harmed is way better and safer for others.

BX813359d ago

@gambare. I think you are completely wrong on this buddy. There is no way in hell it is ever acceptable to think in your head that raping is ok. Fantasy? Really? Fantasy is something you want to happen but you know would never most likely happen to you, because you don't have that kind of luck. Try to fantasize about having consensual sex with a woman and not raping them. You're such a scum bag!

gambare3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

"Fantasy is something you want to happen but you know would never most likely happen to you..........

Try to fantasize about having consensual sex with a woman and not raping them. You're such a scum bag! "

Then it wouldn't be called a "fantasy"

I mean... I could have a fantasy about having sex with Tifa on a flying unicorn, without rape of course... but "Fantasy is something you want to happen but you know would never most likely happen to you" ORLY? yes, but that's why is called FANTASY, is not likely to happen IRL, many people bring their fantasy in form of pictures, drawings or even, guess what? BOOKS

I'm a scum bag? you sound like my girlfriend, and she loves me yeah yeah yeah!


For the people who is saying "are you defending rape?"

no, I'm not, rape is terrible, but let's put this : Are you guys defending murder games? are you guys defending games in which you kill muslim people, color people, kill female characters? no of course not, they are fantasy games, virtual and surreal.

Christopher3359d ago

It's just no worse than killing everything in sight with a huge arsenal or even your bare hands.

Seriously, the game will be rated as necessary and will be limited in that regard.

People aren't for rape, they're against censorship.

MEsoJD3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

I've role played with my girl is that bad???

You gotta spice it up once in awhile.

This game if anything is keeping people from committing this act in real life.

Just like playing a shooting game. You most likely aren't going to shoot someone because of the game.

Why do we embrace violence soo much in the US??? Places such as Europe and Asia focus more on sex than violence. IMO we should too
and not treat it as taboo.

A sex game is no worse than a killing game.

phosphor1123359d ago

I went ahead and tried that "game" man its f*cked up. I mean F*CKED up. I couldn't get past the first part of the game dude, she was like 13 or something. Seriously wtf?

This is a guy that lurks /b/ all day, and I look at this game and go "wtf".

Also, from what I got from the story, its utter sh*t. I've seen pornos with better stories than that.

stephen20053359d ago

"There are better, more productive, ways to deal with stress."

Yes, there is. It's called exercise. Going to the gym. But God forbid if N4G users should go do that.

I'm still amazed that these rape games are actually getting defended on this site. The guys who created this game are a sick bunch of people, and people are actually on his side??

That is why I all but left N4G. Can't stand the commentors. Not to mention the mass amount of fanboy (although, I rather have you be a fanboy than defending this sick stuff).

TheAntiFanboy3359d ago

Rape isn't consensual? True. Guess what else isn't consensual: MURDER.

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KeenanTheSavage3360d ago

Starting sh!t with two of the most popular gaming sites in the world isn't smart. Just makes you look bad.

RememberThe3573359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

What the hell were you reading?

Pebz3359d ago

... and gives your site a lot of hits. Yet, people are approving this. Hook, line and sinker.

Saaking3359d ago

N4G and Destructoid are big, but they're not two of the world's most popular video game sites.

Timesplitter143359d ago

Yeah right you think we're an army or something?

ThatCanadianGuy3359d ago

Destructoid...biggest gaming site on the net? LMAO

Redempteur3359d ago

is that a troll article ?
or is it propaganda by the ones who don't play games at all ?

either way i'm sad i clicked to see what this was about . A total waste of time at best or a pathetic attempt at journalism maybe ?

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SuicidalTendencies3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

I guess we all condone murder since we play games where we kills lots of people. Whoever wrote this dribble is a complete and utter fool. There is a big difference between fantasy and reality.

RememberThe3573359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

it's a bit different. In our society it is considered "OK" to kill someone who is trying to kill you. In fact, it's expected. With games like Gears of War and Killzone you are fighting wars. In wars people are trying to kill each other. Hens why it is considered OK to portray these events as games.

Defending games like postal is the same as defending this game.

Viper7 4.18
"Honestly I think its only the best if game developers try to avoid these subjects like child porn, raping, Schoolshootings (or other massacres), recent wars or religion."

Sitdown 4.20 - @cmrbe
"So from birth, would you be okay with your kids watching videos of women being raped or brutal killings?"

Gamers draw lines in the sand all the time. Look at MMO's, there are always rule created by gamers that are not apart of the games and may even go against the games rules. And what about the unwritten rule of not giving away a games ending? There are somethings that are not OK, portraying rape as OK or a good thing is one of those things. These are unwritten rules that have been in place in the entire industry for a reason.

Pebz3359d ago

I understand your point, but I honestly think it is a case of doing the right thing (subjective) wrongly. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" etc.

Of course rape is a bad thing, but so is censorship. And in this case it's real censorship vs. fictional rape. Sure, the game could give people ideas and whatnot, but it is purely information.

Information alone never has been, is not, and never will be dangerous, except to people wishing power over others. It's all about how and why it is used, and restricting people from it is not the right way of allowing people to become better.

Once you allow censorship of things not considered "OK" by society, the door is wide open for people seeking to abuse censorship. It's a very slippery slope.

RememberThe3573359d ago

Then the question is which is the greater sin rape or censorship? I would much rather be censored then raped.

Your making mental jumps that are very dangerous. Because our society decides that something is not OK does not mean that everything is up in the air and we're going to revert back to the old west. We all value our rights and freedom of press. That has not changed and it won't. Censoring the most crude acts of man will not open the door for complete censorship. There is a paranoia that is getting in the way of rational thought.

@Saaking 4.0

What a great question.

Pebz3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

But we're not talking about real rape here, that is the whole point. Also, censoring the existence of something does not make it go away either.

Between fictional rape (anything) and censorship? I'd say censorship is the greater "sin", infinitely so.

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."


This very article actually illustrates perfectly how people give away their power and liberty, due to fear, by saying this:

"Amazon was right for banning the game from being sold on their site. Now if only some sort of official could step in and ensure that these sorts of games never make it to the market in the first place.

Basically saying that some official should have the power to decide what is to be allowed on the market and not. I'm sure you can see how this easily becomes a Catch 22-scenario.

A_Little_Girl3359d ago

pebz is right, its only a game, no one gets hurt.

TheAntiFanboy3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

"I would much rather be censored then raped."

Uh, what? Are you saying that if this game doesn't get censored, you're gonna get raped? This argument makes no sense to me. The threat of you actually getting raped because of this game is implausible, but the threat of a game getting censored is very real. Regardless of how this thing turns out, you're not gonna get raped, so defending your stance with this argument makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

darthkai3359d ago

The idea that you can objectively decided what is "good" and what is "bad" is far more dangerous than any perverted desire ever could be.

By saying that playing rape games is "bad", you objectify your opinion, leaving no room for doubt or correction. If instead, you said what you really mean, namely that you would prefer to live in a world without rape games, then you would see your statement for what it is, an opinion, a preference. You are by all means entitled to your preference, but trying to force others to obey it is the most best way to start fights, conflicts, wars...
I would love to live in a world without fat people, but you don't see me burning down any MacDonalds. As long as the actions of others do not directly harm us, we have no business telling them what to do.

"If you never encounter anything that upsets you, you are not living in a free society."

orakga3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Don't believe me?

Countries with tighter censorship regulations tend to have higher rates of rape than those with more liberal censorship rules. Google it.

And I take that as proof that, in the absence of a venue to "vent" one's fantasies, people will choose to play it out in real life and actually commit that "fantasy" to people.

The argument that censorship will somehow prevent these crimes from being committed in real life is FLAWED.

But besides the criminal aspect of this, do you think incest and non-self-defensive murder should also be banned from fantasy art? Because then you'll lose about half of Shakespeare's novels from the English literature.


Also, by the same logic, all DEATHMATCH games should be banned, and so should real-life paintball parks. They all "condone" people killing each other. (don't give me the 'but it's self-defense' crap, because it isn't and you know it)

There goes Halo, CoD, Killzone 2, Gears, and *gasp* FAT PRINCESS!!! (Fat Princess gets two strikes because not only do you kill people, but you also feed women lots of cake; BAD)

orakga3359d ago

"I would love to live in a world without fat people, but you don't see me burning down any MacDonalds."

Can I steal this idea for a future game design?
This is pure genius, and I'm sure it'll get at least 1 million pre-orders.

RememberThe3573359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

And just to respond to darthkai directly; I'm not trying to say I'm a moral god or anything, but I think it is safe to say the a game where the goal is to rape is not OK.

I don't want to see mass censorship either but I think we, as a community need to regulate our selves. Why do you think Sony or Microsoft have not made a rape game? Because it's not cool. If there was nothing wrong with it and it made so much money, they would have both made the games by now.

The words "good" and "bad" are both objective (if that's the right word). So when I say something is "bad" I assume that it is going to be taken as such. I'm not trying to frame my opinions as fact, but rather state them with conviction so that you know I mean what I am saying.

I like having this debate because I don't understand why someone would want to pretend to rape an other person. I also know that most of you who are defending this game are doing so on principle and not because you actually want to play the game. That is why I have toned down the "sick f*cks" rhetoric of my fast comments.

To respond to orakga, I don't think censoring will prevent anything. I know that may sound contradictory but my point is not to glorify rape. The same can and was said about Man Hunt and Postal. They glorified murder and made it your goal. In games like Killzone or Gears, the goal is not necessarily to "murder". The goal is to complete an objective or eliminate a target. They may seem too similar to draw a line between them, but when it comes to the subconscious these relatively small differences are very important. Videogames don't change people or make them do things, but they can influence. I feel a certain way about this subject and believe it or not I've got a lot of love for everyone. I want to voice opposition against something that I see hurting my people.

All I ask is that my comments are read with thought and not blindness, which is something both of you have done and I appreciate that.

orakga3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

Interesting point... yes, I have to agree with you on that as well. I do believe it's wrong to glorify crimes, be it rape or murder (or theft, jaywalking or speeding (Need for Speed!), etc).

However, I think one of the misunderstanding/misinformatio n that skews the debate is the (incorrect) impression that these games are intended to "glorify" these acts. I *have* played these types of games in the past, out of sheer curiosity (and I was much younger and "hot" blooded), and what happens in these games are not as some think.

I'll name one series as an explicit example. This is one of the OG "rape" games, and it's called "Shusaku".

In this game, you are the janitor of a private girls-only boarding school, where you are mistreated/disrespected by all the rich/snobby students and teachers as a low-life trash, berated and insulted day in and day out. Over time, you grow a deep hatred toward these women, and are driven to "punishing" them by blackmailing them into having sex with you. But once the floodgates open, you can't stop yourself from continuing down this slippery slope, and end up going all the way with your "crimes" (it's almost like an X-Rated version of "Pokemon"!).

But the real irony is... Near the end of the game, you have a brief moment of moral clarity and find yourself at a dead end (a look-in-the-mirror moment), and are given a chance to go back to the times BEFORE you started doing all of this. And the real ending involves you choosing the higher road and living a happy (consensual) life with one of the kinder girls who'd always been nice toward you, and never having actually raped anyone.

I'm sorry if this is convoluted, but my point is that these games generally do not carry the message that "RAPE IS GOOD" (although I'm sure some of them apples are bad as well). They merely SIMULATE, and are fantasies/depictions of what would happen if you treaded that forbidden path.

If anything, these things would convince ANY reasonable person to be ASSURED of the fact that these acts SHOULD NOT be condoned in real life.


Let me give a few more examples; "Trainspotting". Watching that movie TERRIFIED me, and made me think twice about doing drugs. It showed people what the lives of druggies were really like; something that people wouldn't be able to see unless they treated that path themselves.

Or... CoD:Modern Warfare. Good lord, that game was so well done that it made me HATE war (anyone else?).

I realize you're not arguing that censorship will prevent crimes, so this is directed to some of the other ppl here; do you really think that banning fictional depiction of the lives of criminals (and thereby helping them see that there's no real happy ending) is the most effective way to go about preventing crimes?

I just disagree.

But I will still respect you if you cannot agree with me, just as long as you do not base your opinion on misinformation.

Redempteur3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

i'm sad to tell you this RememberThe357 , but the goal of rapelay is not rape at all , it happens in the first 10 minutes of the game AND that's IT !
The rest of the game is similar to countless others game to the same genre ... this is not a raping simulator or anything of the sort ...By NOT having enough information you're missing the point on why this game exist and why censorship shouldn't touch it ...

and similar to orakga before me , the game is not glorifying RAPE since you're only choice is to DIE. That 's right the game make you feel the consequences for your actions by getting killed in the process ... whatever path you choose while playing it ..

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Saaking3359d ago

wtf is this? Who the hell wants to rape women in video games?

swiftshot933359d ago

I agree. This is so dumb. I couldnt give 2 sh!ts about immersion or any of that BS. Raping women should not be in a video-game period. There is a line. If raping is the only way to enhance the immersion and gaming experience with-in a developer's game then the developer needs to set their priorities straight because raping women adds nothing to a game.

Its different for movies and books because you arent interacting with anyone.

darthkai3359d ago

"If you never encounter anything that offends you, you're not living in a free society."

Jrome3359d ago

"Its different for movies and books because you arent interacting with anyone."

Umm what? It's still filling your mind with the act though.

Think about the children O_O.

Admiral_Benson3359d ago

Agreed. I can't believe people feel they can justify a game that sees raping and abusing women as a form of entertainment. Real or not, It's wrong on so many levels.

Moreover, the people buying and playing these games have fcuking issues. If you get your kicks from playing a game that involves taking sex from a woman (virtual or not) violently and by force then in my eyes you have serious social and pyschological problems.

Believe me, when someone you love and care about has to endure what this game condones as entertainment for real and you see the devestating effect it has on them then this $hit isn't even funny.

We all have wives, girlfriends, mothers, daughters and sisters and i would imagine nobody here would EVER want to see them have to go through something like that for real but god forbid that ever happens to any of you then come back and tell me you feel there's any justification for a game like this.

Rapists are scum and there is no place in the world for garbage like this.

Disagree to your hearts content, take my bubbles, whatever. The fact that this is even open for debate is fcuked up.

orakga3359d ago

If people like you ruled the world, then we'd be missing out on masterpieces like "Dexter" and "Natural Born Killers".

Neither show/movie motivated me to go out killing people.

Baka-akaB3359d ago

Being a bystander and a witness of something wrong doesnt make it right at all . That's sheer hypocrisy , if you're against depiction of rape , it should be in every medium .

Admiral_Benson3359d ago

Lol. I have a perfectly open mind, i'm not some liberal prude that believes in banning everything, but this is interactive entertainment. There has to be a line somewhere and crap like this crosses it. You gotta be pretty twisted to take pleasure and enjoyment from a game like this.

Not only that, I love games and gaming in general and something like this brings nothing but negativity and bad press to the gaming community. People on here are saying that by banning this it would be open season on all games for censorship and i can kind of see there point in that regard but like i said there has to be a line somewhere. If there isn't then pretty much anything goes.

By your logic, if eveything should be allowed and nothing should be censored, if someone released a game that involved molesting and abusing kids you'd be cool with that? You'd justify that it should be allowed to be on sale to the general public?

orakga3359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

"By your logic, if eveything should be allowed and nothing should be censored, if someone released a game that involved molesting and abusing kids you'd be cool with that? You'd justify that it should be allowed to be on sale to the general public?"

This is a great question. In fact, I ask myself this same question when trying to find "the line". My answer is as follows:

It should not be a crime to create FICTIONAL material, period. Please note that a GAME that depicts child molestation is NOT the same as Child Pornography (which refers to PHOTOGRAPHY involving children being molested in real life, AND actually requires that a crime is committed in the process).

It's like those movies that give you the disclaimer; "No actual animals were harmed during the production of this movie". It's fiction. It didn't happen.

The keyword here is FICTIONAL. I am all against child pornography (as in videotaped/photographed material) that involves under-aged individuals, but I think it's far more unjust to put someone in jail for writing about or drawing something, REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT IS.

FICTION should be off-limits for censorship, period.

Under-aged drinking/smoking is fine in fiction.
Political corruption is fine in fiction.
Infidelity is fine in fiction.
Incest is fine in fiction.
Smoking marijuana is fine in fiction.
Murder/assassination is fine in fiction.
Rape is fine in fiction.

Period. IMO.

Baka-akaB3359d ago

Sorry but yeah it should be allowed . i probably would find it disgusting , as it would most likely serve no purpose other than shock or cather to psycho ... but it's like Orakga said above .

ERSB and all other stuff of the kind should only determine the suited public for a product , not if it's alright to sell or publish it .

Admiral_Benson3359d ago

I can see where you're coming from in regard to the point that fiction shouldn't be censored and i do agree with what you're saying.

What annoys me in regards to this game is the context that it portrays the subject matter. It presents it soley as a form of interactive entertainment that the user would buy/play solely for the purpose of getting kicks from doing it.

If i go to see a movie that features a scene of rape or abuse and it's within the context of the film then i would still find it harrowing and unpleasant viewing but i could understand it's purpose within the film. I wouldn't call for it to be instantly banned or censored because it featured that scene, as it would be within the context of the film, to portray a shocking and harrowing experience that is in no way pleasurable or enjoyable and, as you rightly say, it is fiction.

The point i'm trying to make is i wouldn't go to see that film specifically to gain enjoyment or pleasure from that one particular scene. People who produce/buy/play this game have done so specifically for that reason and that reason alone, to gain a sense of pleasure and enjoyment through the act of rape and that is what i think is fcuked up about it.

I guess i went off on a bit of a rant in my first comment which was probably a uncalled for, everyone is entitled to their opinions (hey, that's why we're all on N4G!) but it just disappoints, angers and disgusts me that a game like this has ever came to be. I hate the subject matter and the people that take pleasure in it and i just think it tarnishes the gaming community and brings a bit of a bad vibe around it.

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Saaking3359d ago

It's just the bots since they want to live out their fantasies.

zack613359d ago (Edited 3359d ago )

it's official you're retarded congratulations

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