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Myst3387d ago

Not really surprised by Monster Hunter Tri score.

*Goes to Youtube to find more videos that aren't demo related*

knox3387d ago

im sure thre are lots of videos on nicovideo

Myst3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

Found quite a few on youtube, some of which already show the leviathan Monster Ragiakurusu.

It's not fair I want to fight it to :(

{Edit} Why did you get a disagree...?

Marceles3387d ago

Imagine this on PS3....sigh...make it happen Capcom, but great score. The game still looks pretty good.

Tetsuryu3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

The movement and attacks of the Ragiakurusu remind me of Tigrex/Khezu (which I absolutely hate XD).

I can't wait to reclaim my Rathalos Soul Armor and True Devil Slicer. Personally I would have preferred an HD iteration of the franchise created with the MT Framework 2.0 engine to go hand in hand with PSP connectivity of some sort, and of course cooperative online play. That's not to say that the game isn't looking sharp, it looks good (especially the underwater battles). No doubt this will still be a day one for me when it's released in the west.

FamilyGuy3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

The running animation looks kinda funny "high tail it outta here!" kinda funny, but the game looks great. Going from on the swamp to under the water battles, this is what i wold call a system seller (to the hardcore audience)

I'd buy one if the online turned out to be free when it releases in the U.S.

The graphics look great, i wouldn't even mind a PS3 port in it's current state since it would mean that i wouldn't have to buy a new system for it. Plus, the upscale jobs that have been done to other wii games would mean this would probably transfer into 720p seamlessly.

Myst3387d ago

Yeah I started to stumble on a lot more, and could actually sit here and watch every monster's move set, but I'm sustaining from watching anymore and didn't even finish Ragia's. Just going to wait till next year and let the game come as a complete mind shock as the monster starts manhandling my character.

@Tetsuryu: Day one for me to! I might even go down to Gamestop and throw down a preorder just in case as soon as my friend tells me that I will be able to...

@FamilyGuy: Hard to tell what Capcom might do in this state, of course the PS2 version did not have any Pay to play online stuff, yet online infrastructure is better this year around. Even so I could see them (capcom) at least attempting something pay to play, but since that is still up in the air who knows :/

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desolationstorm3387d ago

I want to see what the sales of the game. Actually Im more curious if there will be a big spike. Good score and I cant wait to play this game.

xg-ei8ht3387d ago

Sony should have paid them whatever they wanted for this MH3.

That would have woken the japanese with regards to the PS3.

Give Jap gamers what they want
Give Usa gamers what they want