Batman Arkham Asylum Gets Insane Discount and Pre-Order Bonus

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Batman Arkham Asylum will swoop down from the shadows for a August 25th release date. And with that day stealthfully drawing closer, Amazon is giving you plenty of reason to pre-order now."

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Sev3386d ago

Dude, that batarang is bad ass!

I wonder how sharp it is. I would buy a sheet of drywall just to throw the batarang into it.

SnuggleBandit3386d ago

47.99 :) the price alll games should be...i wonder if next-gen(ps4+720) games will cost 69.99??

ThatArtGuy3386d ago

They already do in Canada.

Major_Tom3386d ago

Stopped buying games brand new, I just use from now on.

nycredude3386d ago

Damn that is a freaking nice collector's edition, but if I had that batarang I'll get sued when I accidentally stick it in someone's car!

pilotpistolpete3386d ago

Hey Sev,

Don't know if you care or not, but from amazon, the bonus disk is BR and not DVD.

Panthers3386d ago

It would have been sweet if it came with a PS3 controller shaped like a batarang. I will always miss that design.

likedamaster3386d ago (Edited 3386d ago )

"It would have been sweet if it came with a PS3 controller shaped like a batarang. I will always miss that design."

Oh God no! lol

I will be getting this game from Amazon now(tomorrow actually) that's if the code works for 360 version. Game looks to be awesome, can't wait. This will tie me over until Halo: ODST drops. Plz don't bubble me down for saying that. I will be getting Uncharted 2 if that helps.

ThanatosDMC3386d ago

Is the game, open world? Is there a demo out yet?

Jaces3386d ago

Nothing wrong with buying the game on your console of choice. :D

I'm can't decide whether to get the collectors edition or not....ugh, a certain someone would definitely castrate me. But that Batarang looks so sick!

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decimalator3387d ago

nice, I'm still on the fence about this one. It will either be really bad or really good. but that's a great deal!

Sub4Dis3386d ago

why do you think they're already offering the game at a discount?

IzKyD13313386d ago

"why do you think they're already offering the game at a discount?"

Uhhhh, maybe to get you to buy the game off Amazon as opposed to Gamestop or Best Buy...

Sub4Dis3386d ago

by that logic, modern warfare 2 would be at a discount as well, but it's still 59.99 cuz they know it'll sell well.
I guarantee you'll be able to get this game in the bargain bins within 6 months.

BWS19823386d ago

is higher priced for pre-order because Activision are a bunch of greedy A-holes and probably precluded the game for going less than MSRP even on Amazon or for a special. The PC version is $10 more in the US, what's that tell you...Bad example. Almost all games besides MW2 are less than $59.99 on Amazon to pre-order, go do some searching before making naive claims.

Snyph3r3368d ago

Just ordered mine a few minutes ago at Best Buy....Futureshop is sold out!

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matt2005usaf3387d ago

I'm waiting for the demo this Thursday! I hope it's good!

T3mpr1x3386d ago

Just waiting for the demo to see if I'll buy!

BigPete79783386d ago

Trust me man. You're gonna love the game. I can't wait for the limited edition. Definitely the one I'm getting.

cyclindk3386d ago

Yes, another five bucks off!

Batman: Arkham Asylum total comes to: 47.99, free shipping!!!

kharma453386d ago

I've got AA on pre-order for £22 which is roughly $37.38.

Couldn't pass the game up at that price!

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