The New NXE

GameTopius Writes: Before I delve into what this update includes, there are some notable features announced at E3 this year that the first half of the fall tweaks does not include. Most notably absent are Twitter, Facebook, and compatibility along with the highly touted Zune-branded 1080p video streaming service. These are all set to be put into place in the second round up updates later this fall. I was pleased however, to find that many new features have already been implemented.

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Eiffel3457d ago

Still glad to see you're a good sport and still approved it regardless.

36T3457d ago

Well if this sounds disappointing then i would assume that you are utterly disappointed with your PS3 and it's terrible PSN, right?

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forgot my password3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

this good for the 360 owners who are just about to get 1080p movies for download. now you guys can feel like ps3 owners who have had this option for a while now. and let's not forget that ps3 people can also use twitter/facebook via internet browser

N4PS3G3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

Hell Yeah! Now they can feel the same experience for 200 bucks instead of the 400-500 bucks you payed and with a good and fast twitter/facebook app instead of bad tedious browser.

ain't that great for them? :D

Why dis3457d ago

#1 is the same person as the guy you're replying to.

forgot my password3457d ago (Edited 3457d ago )

and for 200 bucks + additional charges you can also experience the famous RROD, a super loud jet engine and some dlc content that are hailed as full games by retards

N4PS3G3457d ago

now that's cheap! but hey! who want's cheap? When you can get for 400 bucks+ a 600lb console with inferior multiplayer, inferior online , 0 exclusive content , late release dates and amazing ultra realistic 4D 1080p graphics!

but hey it's not your fault you payed so much for all those great and unique features ;) You gotta think in the value!

forgot my password3457d ago

but wait there's more. while you pay additional fees to play online you also pay for "EXCLUSIVE CONTENT" that should already be free since you have ads on your dash board. enjoy your MCafes and content that should be free but you're to stupid to notice that

"make xbox live free" lol

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