Microsoft hits Europeans with hefty Anytime Upgrade prices

- Microsoft may have denied that it's gouging European customers with its Windows 7 pricing, but an analysis by Computerworld shows that EU buyers will be paying as much as 163% more for some of the company's in-place Anytime Upgrades.

In late June, Bill Veghte, the senior vice president for the Windows business group, rejected claims by a British financial newspaper that European consumers would pay more for Windows 7 because of a move it made -- since retracted -- to dump Internet Explorer (IE) from the new OS.

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KionicWarlord2223388d ago

You missed the 50 dollars to upgrade DEAL ?

Mo0eY3388d ago

BUH BUH BUH BUT M$ is the perfect company and they can do no wrong.

FamilyGuy3388d ago

Are M$s OSs region locked? Why not just download a U.S. version and pay for that? (if you choose to pay at all)

I'm getting Windows 7 free, as soon as i upgrade mah pc or buy a better one.

zag3388d ago

That offer would have only been for the US.

Australia hasn't had any offers, and probably cost the highest.

I think Ultra is around $900 for a full copy.

Dreamworker3388d ago

I guess Microsoft wants their money back from europe.

gamesR4fun3388d ago

either way id b pissed if i lived in europe

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DJ Chick3388d ago (Edited 3388d ago )

I couldn't spot it anywhere, but is it possible to upgrade from XP Home to Win7? Or do I just need an Anytime Upgrade?

forgot my password3388d ago

people in the U.K seem to get ass rammed when comes to hardware/software. feel sorry for you guys. as for me i'll stick to wV

Jrome3388d ago

Because they spend too much time complaining that Internet Explorer is included with Windows without worrying about the real pricing xD.

zag3388d ago

It's because the Pound (tripple) and Euro (double) have a higher value over the US dollar, so MS isn't pricing the Euro Win7 copies properly which should be cheaper than the US version.

Forget about the IE suite it doesn't really mean much because people release Vista without IE and just have the parts that are really needed in Vista so it can be done.

The other problem with IE is that it self brands to bing all the time and you have to manual alter it to google or what ever.

Jrome3388d ago

rofl...2 people didn't get that I was just kidding :/.

You guys need to chill.

user8586213388d ago

its kewl ive got rapidshare :)

mrv3213388d ago

I have nothing against people pirating if they feel they've been ripped off

Imagine buying Vista... paying quite a lot too and to suffer loads of problem only for Microsoft to announce they will allmost completely drop Vista in favour for a new thing which will cost him even more.

I will not buy Win7, nor pirate it. I will simply use Vista and re-install it every six or so months to keep it working at it's best.

somekindofmike3388d ago

I get completely confused by MS pricing structure for Windows 7! admittedly I have no intention to buy it so I haven't read much into it, but it does seem like the most complex and ridiculous pricing structure in the world, there seems to be a million different prices for an upgrade!

Why not a simple one price fits all solution? and what's the difference between the starter edition and home premiums etc? they say something like a net-book user might decide they want to do more than just surf the web and check email so they will need to upgrade to home premium? Is the starter edition really that crippled? I just thought it was a less fancy looking one? kind like not the cool one to have, but I really don't know!

In reality the only stage where I'm going to get Windows 7 is when I buy a PC with it pre-installed on, i'm not going to go out of my way to get it, I just don't see the need.

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